Lake Macquarie Fernleigh 15 2016

23 Oct 2016


Live Results
7:55am 15km Wheelies
8:00am – 15km Seeded and Open
8:05am – 15km 35-44yrs
8:10am – 15km 45-54yrs
8:15am – 15km 5 leg relay – NEW EVENT
8:20am – 15km 55+ & Walkers
The 5th edition of the annual Lake Macquarie Fernleigh 15 is proudly supported by Lake Macquarie City Council. The 2016 event will feature a 5 person relay with relay change zones at each of the iconic railway stations along the track!

2016 Live Results will be here

2016 Age Category Leaderboard – download full age cat results here

Open Men
1 Vlad Shatrov 00:49:08.02
2 Will Dawes 00:52:24.63
3 Jake Myors 00:52:28.20
Open Women  
1 Bridey Delaney 00:53:39.18
2 Angela Leadbeatter 00:55:41.00
3 Felicity Gamble 00:59:09.53
35-44 Men  
1 Vlad Shatrov 00:49:08.02
2 Glenn Stojanow 00:53:42.12
3 Josh Griffiths 00:54:17.22
35-44 Women  
1 Angela Leadbeatter 00:55:41.00
2 Felicity Gamble 00:59:09.53
3 Melanie McDonald 01:02:28.23
45-54 Men  
1 James Watson 00:53:55.35
2 Michael Phillips 00:55:47.67
3 Mike Turner 00:56:50.46
45-54 Women  
1 Mary Yule 01:03:56.96
2 Simone Dagg 01:04:01.66
3 Tracey Wong 01:08:13.10
55-64 Men 
1 David Macpherson 00:58:34.63
2 Christopher Levi 00:59:21.42
3 Greg Cowley 01:02:42.90
64-74 Men
1 David Stow 01:25:28.83
2 Col Tagg 01:26:59.62
3 Ron Brown 01:28:32.96
75+ Men
1 Paul Edstein 01:27:50.67
55-64 Women
2 Pauline Stow 01:16:33.71
11 Cathie Bradstreet 01:39:46.41
20 Michelle Millington 02:21:02.27
65-74 Women 
3 Margaret Swarzes 01:19:14.95
6 Anne-Marie Close 01:26:35.60
15 Wendy Ward 01:52:08.34

NSW Championships Medallists for 2016

Open Men Wheelchair
1 Kurt Fearnley 38:27:00 Macquarie Hunter AC
2 Luke Bailey 48:55:00 Athletics NSW
3 Brad Pemberton  50:38:00 Athletics NSW
Open Women Wheelchair  
1 Christie Dawes  38:28:00 Macquarie Hunter AC

Open Men  
Vlad Shatrov 00:49:08.02 Newcastle Runners
Jake Myors 00:52:28.20 Nowra
Steven Newman 00:55:56.26 Sydney Striders
Open Women  
Bridey Delaney 00:53:39.18 St George
Angela Leadbeatter 00:55:41.00 Macquarie Hunter AC
Melanie McDonald 01:02:28.23 Mingara Athletics CLub
35-44 Men   
Vlad Shatrov 00:49:08.02 Newcastle Runners
Steven Newman 00:55:56.26 Sydney Striders
Andrew Smee 00:59:30.14 Kotarasouthathletics
35-44 Women  
Angela Leadbeatter 00:55:41.00 Macquarie Hunter AC
Melanie McDonald 01:02:28.23 Mingara Athletics CLub
Suzie Field 01:06:11.90 Newcastle Runners Inc
45-54 Men  
Mike Turner 00:56:50.46 Sydney Striders
Richard Palmer 00:59:22.92 Newcastle Runners
Gerard Nesbitt 00:59:38.39 Newcastle Runners
45-54 Women 
Rachael Shields 01:29:35.79 Hunter Runners incorporated
Andrea Sjovall 01:39:34.87 Sydney Striders
55-64 Men  
Greg Cowley 01:02:42.90 Westlakes Athletics Club
Bruce Sanders 01:06:20.76 Newcastle Veteran Athletics
IAEN PAUL 01:06:53.54 Sydney Striders
55-64 Women 
Trish Guy 01:24:45.61 Westlakes
65+ Women  
Anne-Marie Close 01:26:35.60 Newcastle Veterans Athletic Club

2016 Relay Results can be found by clicking the download below.


Family Relay Results
1st mirrabooka plodders Billie Clark FEMALE 16 1:00:45
Bailey Clark MALE 17
Joey Clark MALE 19
Tomieka Clark FEMALE 22
Brendan Clark MALE 48
2nd Team Elderslie Oscar Walker MALE 11 1:13:51
Charlie Walker MALE 11
Chris Walker MALE 41
Mike Walker MALE 72
Gemma Walker FEMALE 42
3rd Team Elderslie Oscar Walker MALE 11 1:13:51
Charlie Walker MALE 11
Chris Walker MALE 41
Mike Walker MALE 72
Gemma Walker FEMALE 42
Open  Relay Results
1st Lake Mac Beach Patrol Lucas Samways MALE 24 0:59:52
Danny Napper MALE 36
Troy Ham MALE 26
Jono Grieves MALE 22
Brad Sutton MALE 39
2nd Loretta’s Legends Michelle Yu FEMALE 16 1:04:06
Nicholas Mulhearn MALE 12
jessica Mulhearn FEMALE 15
Charles Lott MALE 16
Ross Fletcher MALE 21
3rd The also rans Scott McShane MALE 31 1:05:29
Will Falconer MALE 36
Dave McMurray MALE 26
James Newell MALE 29
Tim Hogan MALE 33
4th Telligence Run Club Troy Carthew MALE 44 1:35:08
Leigh Allsop FEMALE 36
Julie Potts FEMALE 50
Philip Litchfield MALE 52
Beau Gibson MALE 24
5th Run Mum Run! Miriam Mullen FEMALE 42 1:43:20
Michelle Griffin FEMALE 43
Felicity Cruickshank FEMALE 35
Susan Tju FEMALE 35
Janelle Tolley FEMALE 36
6th Tag your it Severyn Robertson FEMALE 27
Kathy Hay FEMALE 48
Lizzie Papazahariou FEMALE 23
Brittney Bell FEMALE 21
Cristy Ditchburn FEMALE 43
School Age Relay Results
1st Team Leadbeatter – Express Lily O’Callaghan FEMALE 10 1:04:03
Jayden Taylor MALE 10
Ella Osbourne FEMALE 10
Olivia Wright FEMALE 10
Ty Leadbeatter MALE 9
2nd Team Leadbeatter Lake Mac Flyer Poppy Doran FEMALE 10 1:05:16
Tom March MALE 13
Jack Caldwell MALE 11
Matthew Brydon MALE 12
Tegan Taylor FEMALE 10
3rd Team Leadbeatter East Coast Flyer Lexi Dunne FEMALE 8 1:05:19
Benji Doran FEMALE 13
Emma Young FEMALE 14
Nick Caldwell MALE 13
Hannah Jarvis FEMALE 10
4th Team Leadbeatter XPT Emerson Leadbeatter FEMALE 8 1:05:54
Chelsea Robertson FEMALE 14
Osha Worell MALE 12
Kobe Monk MALE 11
Tye Worell MALE 6
5th Team Leadbeatter Railblazer Chloe Caldwell FEMALE 10 1:06:09
Montana Monk FEMALE 12
Eli Worell FEMALE 13
Amanda Young FEMALE 11
Zac McDougall MALE 9
6th Team Leadbeatter Bullet Train Lucas Leyshon MALE 8 1:07:33
Abbey O’Toole FEMALE 14
William Watts MALE 12
Kaylee Dowsett FEMALE 12
Kal McDougall MALE 12
7th Team Leadbeatter Ghan Isaac Leyson MALE 6 1:07:35
Flynnie Wallace-Smith MALE 13
Ashleigh Watts FEMALE 13
Hayley Wamsely FEMALE 12
Luka Magnery MALE 10

2015 Results

Find your result quickly here – SEARCHABLE RESULTS

Results are listed below or you can also view them at LIVE RESULTS 

Download Individual Results PDF here    |    Download Team Results here  |  Download full age category results here

Individual Honor Role

Top Five Wheelchair Athletes
1 Dawes, Christie W35 38:53.70
1 Bailey, Luke M18 Forster athl 41:07.94
2 Pemberton, Brad M15 Mingara Athl 50:17.80
3 Tang, Jonathan M26 Sydney Unive 54:21.03
4 Hannaford, Sean M23 2:30:45.04
5 Muddle, David M21 2:31:01.25

Top Five Men
1 873 Shatrov, Vlad M37 49:16
2 98 Bradney, David M26 Macquarie Hunter 50:34 1
3 755 Wallace, Hamish M19 Bankstown Sports Athletic 53:41
4 59 Bartlett, Arnold M30 Newcastle Flyers 54:34 4
5 182 Dawes, Jim M44 Randwick Botany Harriers 55:57

Top 5 Women
1 421 Leadbeatter, Angela W39 Newcastle Cross Country C 58:27
2 843 Gamble, Felicity W38 Newcastle Flyers 1:00:18
3 934 Delaney, Bridey W26 St. George District AC 1:00:57
4 552 Newman, Cory W36 1:01:43
5 380 Johnson, Scott W47 Nowra Athletics Club 1:03:10

Top 5 in each age group Honor Role (includes pace per km)

Women 34 & Under

1 Delaney, Bridey W26 St. George D 4:04 1:00:57
2 Brady, Tia W23 4:15 1:03:32
3 Mogg, Chriss W24 4:26 1:06:26
4 Keevers, Amanda W33 4:39 1:09:44
5 Burnley, Kylie W30 4:45 1:11:08

Men 34 & Under

1 Bradney, David M26 Macquarie Hunter 3:23 50:34
2 Wallace, Hamish M19 Bankstown Sp 3:35 53:41
3 Bartlett, Arnold M30 Newcastle Flyers 3:39 54:34
4 O’Halloran, Liam M32 3:48 56:51
5 Babic, Luke M27 3:48 56:51

Women 35-44

1 Leadbeatter, Angela W39 Newcastle Cr 3:54 58:27
2 Gamble, Felicity W38 Newcastle Flyers 4:02 1:00:18
3 Newman, Cory W36 4:07 1:01:43
4 Hart, Danielle W42 4:16 1:03:49
5 Sinton, Penelope W38 4:29 1:07:08

Men 35-44

1 Shatrov, Vlad M37 3:18 49:16
2 Dawes, Jim M44 Randwick Bot 3:44 55:57
3 Wade, Adrian M43 Ryde Athleti 3:50 57:20
4 Higginbottom, Ben M39 3:52 57:58
5 Whittaker, Damien M37 Newcastle Ru 3:52 57:59

Women 45-54

1 Johnson, Scott W47 Nowra Athlet 4:13 1:03:10
2 Yule, Mary W47 Forster Runners 4:14 1:03:26
3 Bushell, Linda W47 4:52 1:12:55
4 Lord, Mandy W52 Forever Dare 4:57 1:14:15
5 Norris, Kyley W45 4:58 1:14:22

Men 45-54

1 Murray, Paul M48 3:46 56:20
2 Sam, Scott M47 Newcastle Ru 3:52 57:46 1
3 Phillips, Michael M48 3:52 57:52
4 Gallagher, Stephen M45 Newcastle Flyers 3:54 58:17
5 Horder, David M46 Newcastle Flyers 3:58 59:27

Women 55+

1 Southwell, June W59 Forster Runners 4:53 1:13:05
2 Cameron, Robin W56 Sydney Strid 5:16 1:18:57
3 Bromwich, Lynn W59 5:21 1:20:07
4 Webster, Rita W58 Hills Distri 5:30 1:22:30
5 Wallace, Vicki W58 5:32 1:22:53

Women 65+
1 Swarzes, Margaret W69 5:22 1:20:23
2 Close, Anne-Marie W67 Newcastle Ve 5:42 1:25:30
3 Marks, Joyce W68 6:21 1:35:14
4 Ward, Wendy W66 7:01 1:45:15

Men 55+

1 Hayes, Chris M55 3:59 59:37
2 Schwebel, Ron M64 Sydney Strid 4:07 1:01:41
3 Cowley, Greg M61 4:11 1:02:43
4 McCloskey, Alan M62 4:13 1:03:08
5 Coughlan, Peter M55 4:23 1:05:36

Men 65+
1 Glenn, Nick M99 4:44 1:10:57
2 Magill, Peter M66 4:50 1:12:20
3 Robertson, Lance M70 Newcastle Ve 4:54 1:13:18
4 Marks, Robert M68 5:31 1:22:38
5 Ferguson, Ken M70 6:13 1:33:12

Team Results

Men’s Teams of Four

1 Newcastle Flyers 54:34 57:34 58:17 59:27
Total Time: 3:49:52.01
Average: 57:28.00
2 Newcastle Runners Inc 57:46 57:59 1:00:43 1:03:43
Total Time: 4:00:11.01
Average: 1:00:02.75
3 five30runners 1:01:11 1:07:30 1:09:27 1:10:59
Total Time: 4:29:07.01
Average: 1:07:16.75
4 Macquarie Hunter 50:34 1:00:02 1:18:14 1:22:49
Total Time: 4:31:39.01
Average: 1:07:54.75
5 Wooters Runners 1:06:52 1:12:47 1:15:10 1:16:00
Total Time: 4:50:49.01
Average: 1:12:42.25
6 Sydney Striders Road Runn 1:01:41 1:11:46 1:20:46 1:21:04
Total Time: 4:55:17.01
Average: 1:13:49.25
7 Sorg 1:06:03 1:10:35 1:19:23 1:19:23
Total Time: 4:55:24.01
Average: 1:13:51.00
8 Forever Dare 1:10:21 1:14:09 1:31:43 1:53:56
Total Time: 5:50:09.01
Average: 1:27:32.25

Women’s Team of Four

1 Forster Runners 1:03:26 1:13:05 1:17:16 1:29:35
Total Time: 5:03:22.01
Average: 1:15:50.50
2 Night Striders 1:10:05 1:17:40 1:21:02 1:22:35
Total Time: 5:11:22.01
Average: 1:17:50.50
3 five30runners 1:19:35 1:20:37 1:23:04 1:26:52
Total Time: 5:30:08.01
Average: 1:22:32.00
4 Newcastle Runners Inc 1:13:37 1:25:22 1:25:51 1:28:10
Total Time: 5:33:00.01
Average: 1:23:15.00
5 Forever Dare 1:14:15 1:35:28 1:42:17 1:57:48
Total Time: 6:29:48.01
Average: 1:37:27.00
5 Wooters Runners 1:11:18 1:33:16 1:42:33 2:12:18
Total Time: 6:39:25.01
Average: 1:39:51.25

Marathonphotos were on hand to capture the Lake Macquarie Fernleigh 15 for 2016. Photo galleries for viewing and purchase will appear here post event!

In the mean time check out Newcastle Herald’s Gallery here

Why run the Fernleigh 15?

This is the only chance to run on the iconic Fernleigh track which will be closed to all other traffic! The course is a certified 15 km and will also feature the NSW 15 km Championships in 2015. Regardless of your ability the Fernleigh 15 is an experience, not just a run. Pass through suburban settings before running through the iconic Pacific Highway tunnel linking Newcastle and Lake Macquarie jurisdictions. Run through the leafy Glenrock reserve and then past the historic coastal town of Redhead. The run culminates with a ripping last km over boardwalk sections of paperbark swamp and finishing at the Belmont railway platform.

Make the Fernleigh 15 your target event this spring! Run the 15km distance as an individual or as a relay team!

Late Entry Fees

Online entries are still open and will close when the starters gun goes on Sunday. Late entry fees can be lodged at the Event Registration
Individual $60 | Team of 5 Relay $100

Updated: Race Kit Collection (Check In)

Your race kit will include an event bib number, a timing chip and a gift from the Greater Bank. If you entered before Wed 12th of Oct you will also receive a tee shirt. Note that Athletics NSW members do NOT need to wear their usual numbers or their own chips.

Early Race Kit Collection – Friday and Saturday
Race kits can be collected before race day at the Greater Bank from Westfield Kotara.

Friday 21st October 9am – 5pm
Saturday 22nd October 9am – 5pm
Remember to bring confirmation of your entry or personal ID to pick up along with your Bib number. Should you pick up for someone else you will need a copy of their race entry confirmation.

On the Day Race Kit Collection
Sunday 23rd October: 6:30am – 8:00am St Pius X High School, off Park Ave Adamstown. Allow for crowds and parking.

A New Event – The 5 Leg Relay

This year we are excited to announce a 15km relay divided into 5 individual run legs where each change over zone located at each of the iconic Railway Stations along the track. Runners will wear a sash from the start to the finish and will complete one of the 5 relay legs. An outline of the relay is below.

Information PDF for Relay Runners
1. There are 3 team categories; Schools/Clubs, Family or Open
2. All runners shall ride on a bus from St Pius X to their leg start (private transport is not permitted) they will also be picked up at the finish of their leg and transported to the finish at Belmont.
3. There are 5 legs of varying distances. Teams must nominate which runner is completing each leg they are doing
– Leg 1: Adamstown to Kahibah (3.1km)
– Leg 2: Kahibah to Whitebridge (2.1km)
– Leg 3: Whitebridge to Redhead (4.0km)
– Leg 4: Redhead to Jewells (2.6km)
– Leg 5: Jewells to Belmont (3.2km)
2. All teams will start at 8:15am in their own wave. The finishing time of the 5th runner shall be recorded.
3. The bus fee is included in the team entry fee, however a Return bus to St Pius X from Belmont is not included
4. Age limit is 5 years. Any child under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

 Event Day Details

The Lake Mac Fernleigh 15 has a Marshal Time and a Start time! This is because we gather runners together in their wave at St Pius X High School and perform a nice little 5min walk to the start line. Please note your marshal time and your start time below.
Wave 1: Wheelies 7:55AM  |
Wave 2: Runners Seeded/Open wave 8:00AM
Wave 3: Runners 35-44yrs 8:05AM
Wave 4: Runners 45-54yrs 8:10AM
Wave 5: Runners 5 leg relay 8:15AM – NEW EVENT!
Wave 6: Runners 55+ & Walkers 8:20AM

Marshalling 1: Wheelies on the start line 7:45AM
Marshalling 2: Runners Seeded/Open 7:45AM
Marshalling 3: Runners 35-44yrs 7:50AM
Marshalling 4: Runners 45-54yrs 7:55AM
Marshalling 5: Runners 5 x leg relay 1st leg runner 8:00AM
Marshalling 6: Runners 55+ & Walkers 8:05AM

The Start Area


The Start Area is St Pius X High School, Adamstown. This year the Start Area will be located off Park Ave on the top oval. There is ample carparking along with toilets, bag drop, warm up facilities and a coffee vendor all nearby. Runners shall be escorted from the start area to the start line in waves.


We will marshal each start group 15 minutes before their start time. Ushers will lead the group down to the start line arriving 10 minutes before their allotted start time. Officials will call participants from the Start Waiting Area to the Start line 5 minutes before the Start Time. Below is the list of marshalling times for each starting wave.

Car Parking and the Shuttle Bus

Cars may be left at St Pius X High School until 12:00pm. Kotara Westfield will also be available for parking is within walking distance of the start event area. Westfied Kotara is located off Park Ave and Northcott Drive.

A shuttle bus service will run every 30 minutes from the finish line back to Westfield Kotara and St Pius X. Purchase your bus ticket when you register. Bus tickets will be in the form of a sticker that can be stuck to your event bib.

Bag Drop and Transport

A bag droop and transport service will be available to take bags to the finish line from the Start Area. Bags will be left in a ’secure baggage’ area at the Belmont finish line for collection after the race. No items are to be left at the start area. It is NOT recommended that you place precious items in transported bags.

The Finish Line


Station Café Open for Recovery Drinks and Snacks

The Station Café is located in the Tafe carpark or follow the restroom and café signs at the finish line. Kim will be cooking up breakfast snacks including bacon and egg rolls, muffins and pies and also serving coffee and cool drinks. The café has outdoor seating and is the perfect spot for a debrief!

Athletes Foot featuring Brooks

Athletes foot will be showcasing some of the latest footwear and giving away a few pairs of Brooks shoes. They will be set up in the carpark beyond the runner recovery zone. Head in and check out the range.

NextGen Physion Post Event Treatment Will be offering short treatments at the finish line. Head in and talk to the team about how to get on the front foot with your recovery.

Catch up with living legends

If you keep your eyes peeled you may see Christie Dawes or Kurt Fearnley posing for photos at the finish. They may even entertain a selfie with you????

The ‘Afteryard’ Recovery Zone

Silas Moss and Andrew ‘Doddy’ Dodd will be bringing you all home at the finish so make sure you offer them a hi-five before entering the sacred ‘Afteryard.’ The zone where only runners can go and exchange sweaty battle stories.

We will have plenty of water and a little bit of electrolyte for you in the ‘Afteryard’.  The bag drop van will also pull up adjacent to the afteryard.


Results will live via NSW live results. Final results will be available from the results tab and from live results here.


We are fortunate in being able to present several prizes over the course of the day. All prizes and places aside from the overall top three will be taken from ‘Net Time’. This is the time recorded for each participant from the time they cross the start line until the time they cross the finish line.

Prizes for top three males and females and wheelies are as follows;
1st – $500
2nd – $300
3rd – $200

Top three men and women in each of the three categories will receive a RunNSW medal while the top three eligible runners will receive an Athletics NSW Championship medal.

Open (14-34yrs)
Masters (35-44yrs)
Masters + (45-54yrs)
Grandmasters (55+)


Note: The minimum age for participation is 14yrs and all categories are age on the day.
Seeded runners are those capable of finishing under 60 minutes OR participating in the NSW 15km Championships. These runners are permitted to start at the FRONT of the Open Category wave.


Teams of any size can be formed with the top 4 finishers from a team to score.
To enter a team simply ‘create’ new team in the registration portal and have your friends select it when they enter. There is no added cost to create or join a team.

Pace Groups

We are pleased to announce that the Newcastle Flyers will provide pace groups for any runners to join in in order to reach their target times. These runners will be well identified at the start and will wear a tall flag. The pace groups are:

1. 4:00 min per km pace = sub 60:00  (this group will be start with WAVE 1)
2. 4:30 min per km pace = sub 1:07:30 (this group will start with WAVE 2)
3. 5:00 min per km pace = sub 1:15:00 (this group will start with WAVE 3)
4. 5:30 min per km pace = sub 1:22:30 (this group will start in WAVE 3)
5. 6:00 min per km pace = sub 1:90:00 (this group will start in WAVE 4)

Should you want to run with one of the pace groups you will need to ensure that you start in the SAME WAVE as your chosen pace group.

Aid Stations

Aid/drink stations will be provided at the start, finish, 3km, 5.1km, 9.5km and 12km marks. Electrolyte drink and water will also be available at the 9.5km, 12km and finish line water stains. First Aid will be located at several points along the course and the finish line.


The event requires over 50 volunteers. Most of these volunteers will come from local athletics clubs and other community groups. If you or your group are interested in volunteering please contact


The Fernleigh Track is a multi-use rail trail near Belmont in New South Wales. The track was constructed in the way of the former Belmont railway line. The project is a joint venture between Newcastle City Council and City of Lake Macquarie.
The track extends from Adamstown to Belmont over an approximate distance of 15.5 km.
The former railway closed in December 1991. The first section between Adamstown and Burwood Road opened in 2003. Construction has continued in stages with the final section between Jewells and Belmont completed in March 2011.


For an estimated 6,000 years, the Fernleigh Track area was home to the indigenous Awabakal people. They lived amongst the rich natural environment and utilised the resources of the open and rocky coastline, swamp land and hilly forests.
Rail construction began in the late 1880’s, and the Adamstown to Belmont railway line was opened for traffic early in the 1890’s. It was used to transport coal from the mines in Lake Macquarie to the port of Newcastle and the Newcastle steel works.
In addition to coal haulage, a passenger service existed between Belmont and Newcastle. The trip took around one hour and was frequently used for weekend excursions from the city. When coal transportation began to decline, the service and maintenance of the line decreased.

In 1967, a switch from steam to diesel rail motors was made, before the scheduled passenger service was finally terminated in 1971. Throughout the 1980s, closures of coal mines along the line increased.
After the Lambton Colliery shut down operations in 1991, use of the line ceased completely.

The Transformation Process

Guided by the Fernleigh Track Committee the transformation from former rail corridor to treasured community asset began in 1994 after the joint purchase of the land by the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle City Councils.
In 1999, the development of a shared pathway was proposed. Funding from both Councils and the NSW State and Federal governments allowed construction to commence with a significant focus set on restoration and preservation. Different sections were completed in stages, spanning 2003 2011.


– 1880 – Rail line opened to Redhead
– December 1916 – Rail line extended to Belmont
– 12 October 1922 – Special train left Newcastle for the opening of “Soldiers’ Memorial Hall” at Kahibah
– January 1925 – Redhead Loop name changed to Fernleigh Loop
– 1967 – Last passenger steam train to Belmont
– 8 April 1971 – At 17:10 the last rail passenger train to Belmont via Kahibah left Newcastle Station
– 19 December 1991 – Rail line closed
– 2 February 2003 – Adamstown to Kahibah Station stage of the Fernleigh Track (cycleway) opened
– August 2004 – Dudley Junction to Whitebridge Station section of Fernleigh Track completed
– 7 May 2005 – Kahibah Station to Whitebridge Station section officially opened
– November 2009 – Whitebridge Station to Redhead Station section of Fernleigh Track completed
– November 2010 – Redhead Station to Jewels section of Fernleigh Track completed
– 12 March 2011 – Fernleigh Track fully completed
– 21 October 2012 – Inaugural Fernleigh15 running/walking event

The Fernleigh 15 takes in all 6 stations of the Fernleigh Track: Adamstown, Kahibah, Whitebridge, Redhead, Jewells and Belmont

An interactive course map is below. To view the map make sure your browser allows third party scripts.

Lake Macquarie Fernleigh 15 2016 News

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# Freaky Fernleigh

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2018 Fernleigh 15 Launched

2018 Fernleigh 15 Launched

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