Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run 2015

6 Sep 2015

8KM | 4KM | 2KM

Live Results

Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run & Fair 
| 9:00am 8km Fun Run –  including Father and Son/Daughter Team of 2! |
| 10:00am Greater 4km Fun Run –  including Father and Son/Daughter Team of 2! |
| 11:00am  2km for kids Fun Run – Fathers are welcome! |

Welcome to the RunNSW Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run to be held on Sunday 6 September. Fathers Day! This will be the second consecutive event which will feature three great running events, market stalls, jumping castle and much more

This Fun Run offers a great race for the novice and experienced runners alike with its community atmosphere and supportive volunteers and spectators. The run is held in the picturesque settings of Raymond Terrace, a historic river town located on the banks of the Hunter River. Featuring a 8km, 4km and 2km events, all of each will have ‘father and child’ categories for Father’s Day.

Online entries have closed. Manual entries will be accepted on Saturday 9am – 12pm and on Race Day.

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Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run Results

[av_one_third first]

8km Winners 

Open Male Winners
1 David Bradney 25:59
2 Will Dawes 27:14
3 Jason Maxwell 32:06

Open Female Winners
1 Tania Ritchie 34:57
2 Louise desJardins 35:39
3 Alanna Dawes 36:20

40+ Female Winners
3 Kelly Healey 37:09
4 Bron O’Dwyer 42:24
5 Karen Mahoney 43:14

40+ Male Winners
1 neil adams 33:14
2 Matthew Mahony 33:37
3 Shane Lloyd 34:46



Greater 4km Winners 

Open Women Winners
1 Lily O’Callaghan 17:47
2 Alison Morgan 18:42
3 Sara Morgan 19:02

Open Male Winners
1 Greg Wilson 13:04
2 Matt White 13:25
3 Jesse Maxwell 13:45

U/16 Women Winners
1 Isabelle Morgan 19:12
2 Scarlett Vetter 19:43
3 Alana Pisch 20:19

U/16 Male Winners
1 James Poslon 14:28
2 Coen Morgan 17:12
3 Max Hoogland 22:46



Little Athletics 2km 4 kids Winners

U/12 Boys Winners
1 Jai Holland 5:49
2 Flinders Cobley 6:04
3 Addison Cobley 6:39


U/12 Girls Winners
4 Baylee Holland 6:47
8 Ashleigh Vetter 7:00
9 Tracey Foster 7:14




[av_one_third first]

RunNSW 8km 
1 86 David Bradney M25 Macquarie Hunter 25:59
2 14 Will Dawes M22 27:14
3 8293 Jason Maxwell M47 32:06
4 87 Nathan Darcy M38 Team Embs 32:54
5 8181 Liam Dixon M11 33:06
6 8185 Jon Dixon M38 33:09
7 1 neil adams M44 Triathlon Australia 33:14
8 45 Matthew Mahony M45 Newy parkrun 33:37
9 41 Shane Lloyd M49 Lloyed and Daughter 34:46
10 8 Mark Byfield M56 Newcastle Vets 34:47
11 79 Tania Ritchie W36 Newy parkrun 34:57
12 81 Flynn Wallace-Smith M11 35:26
13 85 Billy Wrigley M50 35:34
14 17 Louise desJardins W40 35:39
15 9 Alec Campbell M13 35:53
16 13 alanna dawes W51 36:20
17 8143 Jamie Richardson M44 36:37
18 77 Renae Cobley W39 36:47
19 27 greg fullford M50 36:59
20 33 Kelly Healey W45 Newy parkrun 37:09
21 7 Matthew Burton M13 Burton & Son 37:20
22 53 Scott Northey M35 Newy parkrun 37:35
23 6 Peter Burton M40 Burton & Son 37:58
24 62 Amanda Russell W33 Team Embs 38:12
25 78 John Gilbert M55 38:17
26 58 Matthew Raschke M54 Stockton parkrun 38:22
27 76 Elke Wallace-Smith W15 Smith and daughter 39:35
28 5 Rod Bowman M57 Newy parkrun 40:04
29 89 Garry Wells M53 Newcastle Runners 40:28
30 61 Evan Roser M44 Maitland parkrun 40:34
31 8008 Mel Hanlon W35 40:58
32 66 Michael Smith M38 41:33
33 10 Anna-maree Chamberlain W28 41:33
34 18 Timothy Dick M44 41:51
35 70 Peter Thompson M43 42:02
36 50 Matthew McNamara M41 42:18
37 56 Bron O’Dwyer W46 Maitland parkrun 42:24
38 25 Bruce Evans M48 42:37
39 84 Shaylayne Warby W35 42:40
40 38 Tracey Joliffe W28 42:44
41 8176 Mitchell Cox M32 43:02
42 43 Karen Mahoney W43 Newy parkrun 43:14
43 44 Glenn Mahoney W41 Newy parkrun 43:14
44 88 Bronwyn Guy W47 Newcastle Runners 43:33
45 26 Amelia Fuller W13 43:34
46 16 Rebecca Denniss W21 Maitland parkrun 44:03
47 82 Ron Brown M64 44:11
48 42 Kate Lloyd W14 Lloyed and Daughter 44:19
49 21 Paul Edstein M75 44:29
50 47 Reid Major M15 LakeMac parkrun 44:53
51 46 Grant Major M52 LakeMac parkrun 44:53
52 32 Neil Harvey M58 Harvey and Daughter 45:18
53 65 James Smith M55 Newy parkrun 45:33
54 3 Kristy Bellamy W34 Newy parkrun 45:35
55 31 Amanda Harvey W27 Harvey and Daughter 45:46
56 74 Katie Young W34 Stockton parkrun 46:08
57 67 Justine Stanbury W37 LakeMac parkrun 46:09
58 55 Rebecca O’Brien W25 46:13
59 54 Libby O’Brien W52 Raymond Terrace 46:22
60 40 Christine Jones W51 46:24
61 8180 Fiona Fitzgerald W48 46:31
62 75 Steve Smith M55 Smith and daughter 47:03
63 80 Leisa Swanson W41 47:11
64 8188 Steve Atkins M55 47:13
65 8177 Michelle Knight W32 47:18
66 28 Joanne Gamer W50 Newy parkrun 47:26
67 30 Melissa Gilbert W38 47:37
68 35 Sebastian Hoffman M30 Maitland parkrun 47:40
69 37 Tracie Irvine W43 Triathlon Australia 47:55
70 15 Jennifer del Mundo W44 48:03
71 73 Sharen Wojko W28 Team Embs 48:15
72 69 Michael Thompson M26 48:20
73 29 Lettice Gamer W22 Newy parkrun 48:34
74 57 Natasha Pye W26 49:08
75 4 Beverly Bowman W58 Newy parkrun 49:16
76 11 Bruce Chamberlain M32 49:56
77 49 Robert McDonald M32 50:56
78 36 Diane Humphries W47 Stockton parkrun 51:55
79 52 Leisha Mongan W31 52:05
80 34 Sandy Hicks W48 52:14
81 60 Caitlyn Roser W12 Maitland parkrun 53:47
82 63 Emma Shawyer W25 54:15
83 8295 Wit Rees W28 54:39
84 72 Alyssa Wakem W25 54:39
85 8297 Emily Mcfadyen W36 54:39
86 83 Kate Niland W25 55:02
87 23 Taryn Elder W28 Newy parkrun 55:52
88 68 Jennie Summerville W48 57:07
89 64 Colin Shields M39 58:35
90 59 Rebecca Raschke W33 Stockton parkrun 58:57
91 19 Helen Drysdale W47 59:12
92 48 Justine Manners W48 1:03:36
93 2 Jenny Anson W58 1:04:10
94 22 Tracy Edwards W41 Newy parkrun 1:07:51
95 51 Lucia Mitchell W31 Raymond Terrace 1:25:47
96 8128 Ben Mulley M37 1:25:48
97 182 Billy Wrigley M50 Wrigley and daughter 1:29:58



Greater 4km

1 142 Greg Wilson M37 Maitland parkrun 13:04
2 141 Matt White M24 13:25
3 8294 Jesse Maxwell M16 13:45
4 195 Michael Phillips M47 Newcastle Runners 14:02
5 118 Declan Irvine M16 Newy parkrun 14:09
6 8371 Simon White M39 Newcastle Runners 14:26
7 173 James Poslon M14 Macquarie Hunter 14:28
8 129 Matthew Morgan M32 Maitland parkrun 14:35
9 8006 Steve Edstein M47 14:44
10 186 Benji Watts M32 Newy parkrun 15:01
11 131 Gerard Nesbitt M50 Newy parkrun 15:14
12 130 Coen Morgan M8 Maitland parkrun 17:12
13 193 Lily O’Callaghan W12 17:47
14 140 Martin Watts M65 18:32
15 128 Alison Morgan W37 Maitland parkrun 18:42
16 191 Sara Morgan W34 19:02
17 185 Isabelle Morgan W10 19:12
18 184 Dallas Morgan M34 19:13
19 139 Scarlett Vetter W9 Vetter and Daughter 19:43
20 138 Richard Vetter M42 Vetter and Daughter 19:43
21 8372 Keryn Barnett W44 20:10
22 190 David Morgan M46 20:11
23 178 Alana Pisch W11 Pisch and daughter 20:19
24 177 David Pisch M49 Pisch and daughter 20:19
25 8034 Jo Lockhart W46 20:42
26 134 Amelie Mcgarry W11 20:45
27 117 joshua Hughes M26 20:46
28 180 Ryan Russell M33 Russell and Daughter 20:49
29 114 Rachel grady W24 21:03
30 125 Rhian Massey W28 21:03
31 8070 Angela Murray W40 21:12
32 188 Michelle Lill W33 21:54
33 194 Siena O’Callaghan W14 22:27
34 8288 Max Hoogland M9 Hoogland and Son 22:46
35 8287 Michael Hoogland M40 Hoogland and Son 22:47
36 137 William Vetter M11 Raymond Terrace 23:03
37 192 Blake Morgan M11 23:07
38 119 Tatum Irvine W14 Irvine and Daughter 23:44
39 105 Shane Edmunds M32 Maitland parkrun 24:01
40 123 Melissa Marshall W39 24:40
41 181 Madeleine Wrigley W9 Wrigley and daughter 25:08
42 182 Billy Wrigley M50 Wrigley and daughter 25:08
43 113 Alexander Fauchon M10 Newy parkrun 25:31
44 110 Richard Fauchon M43 Aberdeen Little A’s 25:31
45 196 Theresa Pisch W40 Raymond Terrace 25:49
46 92 Samantha Holland W45 Raymond Terrace 25:53
47 116 Jessica Harrison W23 Newy parkrun 26:10
48 8369 Anne Ribaux W30 27:05
49 8145 Jason Fullford M27 27:30
50 8024 Annabelle Mahoey W9 27:49
51 43 Karen Mahoney W43 Newy parkrun 27:49
52 183 Joanne Barrett W51 Maitland parkrun 28:20
53 189 Janette Lindsay W53 28:50
54 126 Kevin Massey M53 30:12
55 108 julie evans W45 30:12
56 8370 Bronwyn White W44 31:24
57 124 Skye Mason W30 31:5
58 133 Oliver Northey M5 Newy parkrun 32:14
59 8291 Tahnae Luke W25 Luke and Daughter 32:45
60 8292 Donald Luke M54 Luke and Daughter 32:50
61 115 Jacqui Handley W37 Newy parkrun 33:02
62 120 Dean Irvine M43 Irvine and Daughter 35:05
63 103 Kelly Cork W36 35:49
64 104 Chris Cork M38 35:49
65 127 Micaela McDonald W23 36:24
66 135 Elizabeth Schmidt W56 37:41
67 101 Catherine Clode W54 37:43
68 175 Nick Stankovich M32 Stankovic and daughter 37:59
69 176 Anna Trustum W10 Stankovic and daughter 37:59
70 112 Charlotte Fauchon W12 Newy parkrun 38:55
71 111 Rebecca Fauchon W38 Aberdeen Little A’s 38:56
72 107 Leisa Edstein W40 40:56
73 136 Jayden Stephens M15 Raymond Terrace 40:58
74 102 Courtney Cole W25 43:23
75 109 Casey Farrell-Styles W32 Team Embs 43:24
76 187 Amanda1 Russell W33 Team Embs 43:24



2km  4 kids Fun Run 

1 90 Jai Holland M10 Raymond Terrace 5:49
2 143 Flinders Cobley M11 Maitland parkrun 6:04
3 144 Addison Cobley M10 Maitland parkrun 6:39
4 91 Baylee Holland W12 Raymond Terrace 6:47
5 152 Jordan Edmunds M9 Cessnock 6:49
6 145 Denmen Cobley M8 Maitland parkrun 6:58
7 8134 Tyler Clarke M10 6:59
8 164 Ashleigh Vetter W8 Raymond Terrace 7:00
9 8300 Tracey Foster W12 7:14
10 8050 Taylor Hesser M9 7:14
11 151 Monique Edmunds W11 Cessnock 7:28
12 161 Aiysha Rickard W11 Raymond Terrace 7:31
13 162 Taleaha Rickard W11 Raymond Terrace 7:31
14 8147 Gordon Maxwell M51 7:31
15 8290 Elanore Towers W9 7:55
16 8124 Noah Westcott M7 7:59
17 8066 Wilden Murray M8 7:59
18 8029 Ivy Hanlon W8 8:04
19 8129 Hayden Clarke M8 8:16
20 157 Ty-John Marshall M7 8:18
21 170 Macleay Swarzes W6 Raymond Terrace 8:27
22 149 Chelsea Morgan W7 8:37
23 165 Benjamin Vetter M6 Raymond Terrace 8:50
24 138 Richard Vetter M42 Vetter and Daughter 8:50
25 148 Felicity Morgan W9 Aberdeen Little A’s 8:51
26 168 Curtis Mowbray M6 8:51
27 153 ashley evans W10 8:51
28 169 Jacob Mowbray M5 9:56
29 100 Sally Morgan W5 9:57
30 8107 Matilda Hanlon W5 10:04
31 156 Savannah Marshall W8 10:27
32 146 Grace Morgan W6 10:29
33 104 Chris Cork M38 10:29
34 166 Cruiz Wilson M7 10:29
35 150 Aston Cork M5 11:29
36 160 William Northey M4 Newy parkrun 12:12
37 159 Maci Morgan W4 Maitland parkrun 12:25
38 129 Matthew Morgan M32 Maitland parkrun 12:25
39 158 Dominic McDonald M4 12:31
40 8296 Tom Foster M10 12:31
41 147 Aden Lill M6 13:27
42 163 henry Smith M7 13:36
43 8289 Kasey-Rose Dissinger W11 13:45
44 167 Tyler Wilson M5 14:06



Gallery thanks to Matthew Whitbread of Athletics NSW

8km Gallery

[av_gallery ids=’7758,7753,7750,7739,7771,7770,7769,7768,7762,7763,7764,7765,7766,7767,7761,7760,7759,7757,7755,7754,7752,7751,7749,7748,7747,7746,7745,7732,7743,7742,7741,7740,7738,7733,7734,7735,7736,7731,7730,7729,7728,7727,7726,7720,7721,7722,7723,7724,7725,7719,7718,7717,7716,7715,7708,7709,7711,7712,7713,7707,7706,7705,7704,7703,7702,7696,7697,7698,7688,7689,7699,7700,7701,7695,7694,7693,7692,7691,7690,7684,7685,7686,7687,7683,7682,7681,7680,7679,7678,7672,7673,7674,7675,7676,7677,7671,7670,7669,7668,7667,7666,7660,7661,7662,7663,7664,7665,7659,7658,7657,7656,7655,7654,7653,7652,7651,7650,7649,7648,7642,7647,7646,7645,7644,7643,7628,7627,7626,7625,7624,7635,7634,7633,7632,7631,7630,7636,7637,7638,7639,7606,7612,7613,7614,7615,7616,7617,7623,7622,7621,7620,7619,7611,7610,7609,7608,7607,7600,7601,7602,7603,7604,7599,7598,7597,7596,7595,7594,7588,7589,7590,7591,7592,7593,7587,7586,7585,7584,7583,7582,7581,7580,7579,7578,7577,7576,7575,7574,7573,7572,7571,7570,7569,7568,7567,7566,7565,7564,7563,7562,7561,7560,7559,7558,7557,7556,7555,7554,7553,7552,7551,7550,7549,7548,7547,7545,7544,7543,7542,7541,7540,7539,7538,7537,7536,7535,7534,7533,7532,7531,7530,7529,7528,7527,7526,7525,7524′ style=’thumbnails’ preview_size=’portfolio’ crop_big_preview_thumbnail=’avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb’ thumb_size=’portfolio’ columns=’5′ imagelink=’lightbox’ lazyload=’avia_lazyload’]

Greater 4km Gallery 2015

[av_gallery ids=’7965,7964,7962,7961,7959,7958,7963,7957,7956,7960,7954,7953,7952,7951,7950,7949,7948,7947,7946,7945,7944,7943,7942,7941,7940,7939,7938,7937,7936,7935,7934,7933,7932,7931,7930,7929,7928,7927,7926,7924,7923,7922,7921,7920,7919,7918,7917,7916,7915,7914,7913,7912,7911,7910,7909,7908,7907,7906,7904,7902,7901,7900,7899,7898,7897,7896,7895,7894,7893,7892,7891,7889,7888,7887,7886,7885,7884,7883,7881,7880,7879,7878,7877,7876,7875,7874,7873,7872,7871,7869,7868,7867,7866,7865,7864,7863,7862,7861,7860,7859,7857,7856,7855,7854,7853,7852,7851,7850,7849,7848,7847,7846,7845,7844,7843,7829,7842,7841,7840,7839,7838,7837,7836,7835,7834,7833,7832,7831,7830,7827,7826,7825,7824,7823,7822,7821,7820,7819,7818,7804,7815,7814,7813,7812,7811,7810,7809,7808,7807,7806,7805,7803,7801,7800,7799,7798,7797,7796,7795,7794,7793,7791,7790,7789,7788,7787,7786,7785,7784,7783,7782,7781,7780,7779,7778,7777,7776,7762,7773,7772′ style=’thumbnails’ preview_size=’portfolio’ crop_big_preview_thumbnail=’avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb’ thumb_size=’portfolio’ columns=’5′ imagelink=’lightbox’ lazyload=’avia_lazyload’]

Kids 2km Gallery

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8km Gallery






Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run: Run, Walk or Push!
The Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run is part of the Greater RunNSW series which features iconic Fun Runs across NSW. The run is held in the picturesque settings of Raymond Terrace, a historic river town located on the banks of the Hunter River. The 4km and 8km events now feature a Father and Son/Daughter Team of 2 entry, this is a great value entry set at $40 for the 8km and $30 for the 4km events for both runners. The son or daughter may be any age!

Fun Run Fair
This year’s event will feature market stalls to cater for a wide variety of interests and tastes! Bring your pocket money and wander through the stalls after your run. Stalls will include;
Men’s Shed wooden toys
Comics and hobbies
Plant nursery
Dolls clothes
Arts and crafts
Jumping castle and slide
Ice cream stall

Please note all the details below to help you with your planning.

Raymond Terrace Fun Run 2014-09-14.

A Most Scenic, Flat and Fast (for some!) Run Course
The Raymond Terrace Fun Run runs along the Williams and Hunter River as they meet on their journey towards the ocean. Runners will begin their journey alongside the Hunter River and track its course on top of the levee bank before exiting the bank onto historic King St. The 4km loop continues past the famous Junction Inn Hotel  on Williams St then takes in the full length of Hunter Street which is lined with trees and overlooks the Riverside Park on one side. The loop then turns onto Swan St to complete and out and back section turning in front of the Raymond Terrace Primary School. Runners will return the same way and enter Raymond Terrace Athletics Centre via the ‘marathon’ tunnel and complete the final 350m on the track.

Event hub: All the action will take place at Vi Barnett Field off Kangaroo St. It is the home of Raymond Terrace Athletics Club. There are two toilet blocks and there will be a canteen operating from 7:30am. Market stalls will begin operating at 8:00am.

[av_one_half first]Start/Finish/Parking Map




6th place in 2008 Olympic 3000m steeplechase Youcef Abdi will be kick starting his Road to Rio at Raymond Terrace![/av_one_half]


Parking: Parking is available along William Bailey St, Kangaroo St, Port Stephens St and behind the netball courts off Port Stephens St. The map below shows a site plan of the Vi Barnett Field precinct.

Fun Run and Fair Timetable

7.30am Check in Opens at Vi Barnett Field
8.00am Fun Run Fair and Food vendors open
8:55am 8km runners assemble on the start line
9:00am Start of 8km fun run
9:15am Fun Run Fair hits full swing with jumping castle, market stalls, food and drinks
9:45am Presentation 8km Winners (Open, 40+ categories)
9:55am 4km Runners assemble on start line
10:00am Start Greater 4km Fun Run
10:05am First 4km Finisher
10:45am Presentation 4km Winners (Open, U/16)
11:00am Start kids 2km event
11:30am Presentation 2km 4 kids (U/12 Category, Team’s)

We’ve allowed enough time between races for participants to cheer on their children, families and friends participating in the other races. Be sure to invite your friends and family to come down and support you in your run.

Runners are to assemble on the start line 10 minutes before the start time.

[av_one_half first]

Event Check in and Race Bib/Timing Tag collection
Once you have entered, you will receive a confirmation invoice email. Please retain this for your event collection and check in. At check in you will receive a timing chip, event bib, a gift from the Greater Building Society. There are TWO options to check in.

Option 1 – Early check in: This is available on Saturday 5th September at the Greater Building Society Raymond Terrace, Shop 1, Raymond Terrace Market Place, Williams St Raymond Terrace from 9am – 12pm. This is service is for those that want to get organised early. If you check in on Saturday you can go straight to the start line on Sunday.

Option 2 – Race day check in: You can check in on race morning at Vi Barnett Field from 7:30am. Make sure you check in at least 30 minutes before your event start time. 

Do I need at timing tags and event bib?
Yes. All runners will be issued with a timing chip for the Raymond Terrace Fun Run. You will be required to lace this into your shoe and return the chip after you finish. Runners who do not hand their chip may be asked to replace it at a cost of $20.

All runners will also be issued with a Raymond Terrace Fun Run chest bib. This needs to be pinned on the chest in clear view of race organisers and volunteers.



check in locations



Entry Fees
Please note the following entries fees below. Manual Entries will be taken on Sat 5 Sept. Entry Fees include Member Fee (Member of an affiliated Athletics NSW club) or Non Member Fee (general public). The entry fees for the Father and Son / Daughter are underneath the table.

Please note that “members” includes anyone who has completed a RunNSW fun run in the past 12 months along with members of Athletics NSW affiliated clubs.

[av_table purpose=’pricing’ caption=” responsive_styling=’avia_responsive_table’] [av_row row_style=’avia-heading-row’][av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’]Category [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Early Bird Entry until 21st August[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Late Entry Fee from 22nd August Category[/av_cell][/av_row] [av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’]8km Fun Run [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]$25 ($20 members)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]$30 ($25 members)[/av_cell][/av_row] [av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’]Greater 4km Fun Run[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]$20 ($15 members)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]$25 ($20 members)[/av_cell][/av_row] [av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-highlight-col’]2km 4 kids [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]$10 ($10 members)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]$15 ($15 members)[/av_cell][/av_row] [/av_table]

Raising Funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

This year’s event will raise funds for the brain cancer foundation.  When you register you will be able to purchase beanies, running caps and make donations. The market stalls, jumping castle and other amusements on the day will all assist in raising funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

[av_one_third first]









What happens at the Start?

The start line for the 4km and 8km events will be along the riverbank bike path. This is adjacent to Vi Barnett Field so participants will be asked to gather on Vi Barnett Field before moving across as a group to the Start line. There will be NO SEEDING groups on the start line so we ask that all runners use common sense to SELF SEED themselves. This means faster runners start at the front, moderate runners in the middle and slower runners/walkers at the back. We welcome prams but they should also start at the back. There will be a few brief words and a nice little gee up before we send you on your way.

Where are the toilets?
There are three toilet stops along the course on Hunter Street approximately 1km into the race or 3km on your way back from the furthest point on the course. 8km participants may also use the toilets back at Vi Barnett Field after 4km.

Where are the drink stations?
Hunter St Drink Station: Located at approximately 1km and 3km points of the 4km loop. Runners can pass the station on the way out and again on the way back (water and electrolyte)
Finish line drink station (water and electrolyte)

Finish Line
The finish line will be the finish line of the athletics track inside Raymond Terrace Athletics Centre. Runners will enter via Kangaroo St at the southern end of the ground and complete 350m of the track. A recovery area will be set up after the finish line for runners to recovery with water and electrolyte and remove their timing chips. After exiting the recovery zone runners can meet their friends and family up on the hill. The Fun Run Fair will be happening all around the finish line and there will be plenty to see and do after your run.

Where can I warm up?
There is plenty of space to warm up around Vi Barnett Field and along the levee bank overlooking the river. Roads that make up the run course will be closed from 8:30am. All these spaces are available for runners to use as a warm up venue.

Can my club set up a tent?
Yes! Clubs and running groups are invited to set up their club tents around the outside of Vi Barnett Field and along the home straight. The venue is accessible for vehicles but we ask that tents dropped by vehicles bump in before 7:30am. Please email to book a position for your tent.

Is there a baggage area?
Yes. A secure baggage area will be provided next to the recovery area. Runners who leave their bags inside the baggage area will write their name and bib number on the front and leave their bag with an attendant. Do NOT leave valuables in bags left in the baggage area. This is a service to runners but Athletics NSW cannot guarantee security of items left.

How can I view my official result?
Runners will be able to see their result on your mobile device as soon as they cross the finish line! Live results will also be found via the ANSW live results page;

What Presentations will be held on the day?
Medal presentations will happen as per timetable below:
9:45am: 8km Winners (Open and 40+ and Father and Son/Daughter)
10:45am: Greater 4km Winners (Open,  Under 16 and Father and Son/Daughter)
11:30am: Kids 2km Presentations (Primary age only and teams of 4)
All place getters shall receive a runnsw medals.

Raymond Terrace lies on the junction of the mighty Hunter and Williams Rivers. It is close to Port Stephens and Newcastle and around 2hrs drive from Sydney. We welcome visitors to the Raymond Terrace fun run and invite you to explore ‘The Terrace’ and the Port Stephen’s region.


Use the Port Stephen’s Visitors Information Centre accommodation listing  to explore the options in Raymond Terrace and Port Stephens Region.

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Grab a Bite

Why not drop into one of Raymond Terrace’s cafe’s for a brunch after your run. The CBD is on the run route and only minutes walk from Vi Barnett field. Some options include;

Red Eye Cafe – 40 William St, Raymond Terrace

Junction Inn Hotel – 2 William St, Raymond Terrace

Shades Coffee Lounge – 3 King St, Raymond Terrace


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An interactive map is below. If you cannot view it select here view it at the mapmyrun website

Greater Raymond Terrace Fun Run 2015 News

Stadium Stomp: Nicholas Dale

On Sunday 2nd June, Wollongong’s Nicholas Dale will be taking on Stadium Stomp’s challenging 6,700-stair course at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Not just for fun and fitness, but also to raise funds and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation, a cause very close to his...

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Fun and Fitness at the Run2Cure 2019

Nine-year-old Sydneysider Mia can’t remember anything about the gruelling 14 months of cancer treatment she endured as a baby. And perhaps the confidence and determination she now displays were innate, rather than the result of her experiences, but either way, Mia is...

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Sydney 10 Costume Ideas

As the Sydney 10 approaches, many runners are panicking about their outfit for May the Fourth, affectionately known as Star Wars Day. The title of Best Dressed is unquestionably the most coveted honour awarded at the event, but the busy lifestyle of a recreational...

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