Greater Goulburn Fun Run 2016

2 Oct 2016

2KM | 5KM | 10KM

Live Results

8:00am Goulburn Workers 10km Fun Run
8:00am Greater 5km Fun Run
9:10am   Fife Financial Services 2km for Kids

Congratulations to all runners who ran the 2016 event. See the results link below.

Visit the Results Page here

Honour Role Gallery

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Greater 5km and Goulburn Workers Start Gallery 

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Fife Financial Services Kids 2km Gallery 

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Greater 5k and Goulburn Workers 10km Finish Gallery 

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Goulburn Workers Club 10km 8:00am

10km Early Bird:Entry: $27 (until 18 Sept)
10km Late Entry: $37 (from 19 Sept)


1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female: 1st: $400, 2nd: $200 and 3rd $100 including trophies.

The first local in the 10km event will win The Peter Oberg Memorial Trophy.
In addition, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd local Male and Female: 1st: $100, 2nd: $50 and 3rd $25 including trophies.

Team Challenge 
Open to anyone in the 10km event at no extra cost. Create your team, get at least 4 runners to enter and select your team then hope they all finish!  Create your team here 

10km Course Details 
Both the 10 km and 5 km runs start together at a point 180m back from the finish line within Carr Confoy Oval. From here you run past the spectators at the finish line and complete a 1.3 km section on the grass within the Carr Confoy Oval complex.  Runners will then head out along the Mulwaree River cycle path on Blackshaw Rd.  The 5 km runners are urged to be on the lookout for the marshal who will be CLEARLY marking the turn around point for this event.

The 10 km runners will continue past this marshal to the end of the cycle path and turn right on to May St, crossing the bridge.  Next, turn left and uphill onto East St, which will lead you to the summit of Rocky Hill and Memorial Rd via some 255 steps of cross country.  After running up and around Rocky Hill, you will end up back at the top of East St, via Hetherington and Arthur Streets (note: Arthur St is also cross country).  On arrival at the top of East St, turn right and descend towards May St.  Cross May St and enter The Goulburn Wetlands where you will complete one clockwise lap before returning directly to the start/finish line.

If in doubt watch the course video walkthrough at:

Greater 5km 8:00am

5km Early Bird Entry: $16.50 (until 18 Sept)
5km Late Entry: $27.00 (from 19 Sept)


1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female: 1st: $100, 2nd: $50 and 3rd $25 including trophies.

5km Course Details
The 5km course is fast and flat and is ideal for walkers, prams and novice runners. The turnaround point for the 5km run is along the Mulwaree River Cycle path. From here, return directly back to the start line only 2kms away. Note: Do not run the lap back around Carr Confoy Oval upon your return as you did at the start. When you return and turn left off Park Rd into Carr Confoy Oval, simply run straight to the finish line.

A great distance to start!
You don’t need to be a trained or experienced runner to participate, in fact the 5k event is targeted at encouraging people to be active and simply having a go. This event is ideal for novice runners, teenagers, walkers and prams. The 5km is a flat course. The first 1km will be a loop, on grass of Carr Confoy Oval. Participants will then head right at Park Rd then along the Mulwaree Creek cycleway on Blackshaw Rd, before turning around and returning directly back to the start line.

All Age Team Challenge
Open to anyone in the 5k. Create your team online then share your password and get your mates to join. Don’t worry though, they all have to pay for their own entry! Unlimited team size but only 4 to score! List your team here. 

Fife Financial Services 2km for Kids 9:10am

2km Early Bird Entry: $11.50 (until 18 Sept)
2km Late Entry: $16.50 (after 19 Sept)
Family entry fee: $42.50 (2 adults, up to 4 kids to enter a mixture of the 2km and 5km events (after 19 Sept): $53
The 2km4kids will start after all the mums and dads have finished! It is open to kids up to 12yrs of age who still attend primary school. Every child in the 2km will also receive a finishers medal and will be timed and their results listed just like the 5k and 10k.

Kids School Team Challenge
School or social teams of up to 5 kids (primary age) with the top 4 to score. A manual entry form is available. This is to be mailed or faxed back by Thursday 29th September.

Schools Entry Form

Run NSW Training Diary 2016

The Fife Financial Services 2km for kids Details

This run is the perfect way for kids aged 12 and under to get involved! The course is completely closed to traffic and will give the kids a chance to run later in the morning when all eyes are on them after the adults finish their respective 5k/10k runs.  It’s just an out and back course following a cycle path once you have left Carr Confoy Oval. It’s simply 1km one way, 1km back. It’s fast, flat and simple! Mums and Dads are more than welcome to accompany their kids free of charge.

Event Details

Event hub: All the action will take place at Carr Conroy Park off Forbes St. There are two toilet blocks available for use.

Refreshments:  Keen 4 Caffeine will be on site throughout the morning.

Parking: Parking is available inside the Carr Conroy Park complex, please follow the signs when you enter the park. Enter the Carr Confoy Complex, off Park Road, Note: No parking is available in the official parking bays in this area. All parking is on the grassed area to the right of where you enter the Carr Confoy complex, after entering, off Park Rd.

Early check in: Participants will be able to collect their race bibs prior to race day, please ensure that you bring your confirmation email containing your bib number to make the process as smooth as possible.
When: Saturday, October 1 – 11am until 1pm
Where: Park Newsagency, 196 Auburn St, Goulburn, NSW 2580

On the day check in: Runners can collect their running bib, timing chip and runners pack between 6:30am – 7:45am from the club room at Carr Conroy Park. Your bib is to be pinned on the front of your running outfit while your timing chip will be laced into your shoe. Your timing chip must be returned after the event.

Late Entry Options: Online entries close on Thursday 29th September at 10pm. Entries after this may be completed on Race Day from 6:30am until 7:45am.

Late entries must be made by cash. 

Greater 5km and 10km Race Instructions

The start line is on the Grass oval of Carr Conroy Field approx 180m back from the amenities building towards Park Road

A race briefing will occur at 7:45am. We require BOTH 10km runners and 5km runners to be present at this briefing. – The 10km and 5km will start at 8:00am – Stay on the left of the course at all times be that the roadway or the cycle path. – We will have TWO finishing chutes; 5km and 2km 4 kids will finish on the right and 10km runners will finish on the left.

Fife Financial Services 2km 4 kids Race Instructions

The start and finish line is opposite the main amenities building (where the 5 and 10km event finishes). A 2km race briefing will occur at 9:00am in front of the amenities block with the race will start at 9:10am. Parents and carers may run with the kids but MUST exit the run course before the finish line. There is no charge for parents or carers to run.

Presentations: The presentation will feature medals to the winners of each category. This will be held at 9:40am or as soon as the results are complete.

Drink Stations: For the 10km only. There will be two drink stations! One is located just after May Street bridge on the left prior to the ascent to Rocky Hill and another one will be at the entrance and exit of the Goulburn Wetlands.

Live Results: Will be available within seconds of crossing the line via the website.

RunNSW Membership

Get FREE Entry into all RunNSW Events with the ’2016 RunNSW Membership’ from Athletics NSW. This membership bundles all RunNSW events as well as Traditional Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia events into the one package for a more convenient and cheaper experience. All for only $80 (additional club fee may apply).

Once registered, simply use the ’discount code’ at the bottom of your signup email for FREE entry into all the RunNSW and TrackRUN Events.

Click here to register now!

Goulburn, Australia’s first inland city

Goulburn is a culturally and historically rich city that excels in opportunities for outdoor recreation pursuits. The Goulburn Fun Run this October long weekend is the perfect opportunity to visit Australia’s first inland city!

Re-live the grandeur of by-gone days in Australia’s first inland city. Imagine the artisan at work as you admire their talent in our galleries, theaters and festival venues. Cruise scenic country roads or take in the fast paced action at our world-class motor sport facilities.

Discover the real Australia, as you bike, hike, canyon, cave and abseil our great outdoors. Taste, smell and indulge your senses with the splendor of country cooking, cool climate wines and traditional ales.

Meander through the towns and villages surrounding Goulburn and make the most of the relaxed pace of our country lifestyle. Indulge in some Retail Therapy along our country mile of shopping and services.

Unite with your nearest and dearest celebrating weddings, reunions, and special events or sharing a group tour. Make the Tree Change to a rural ambience with city benefits. Stay a night or two, or more.
Taken from

Quick Facts

Population: 28,000 approx
Elevation: 650m
Location: Southern Tablelands
Map: Can be downloaded here
Getting there by Car: Two hours drive from Sydney or 1hr from Canberra
Air: Qantaslink direct flights from Sydney, Rail: Twice daily Country Link trains are only 2.5hrs from Central – learn more

View the 10km Course on Garmin on MapMyRun

View the Greater 5km Course on Garmin or on MapMyRun

View the 2km Course on Garmin or on MapMyRun

View Course Video on YouTube  Note: The start line this year is 180m behind where this video begins but all else is the same.

Come and visit our page on Facebook  and Goulburn Runners and Walkers

I’m Registered for the fun run, now what?

Collecting Race Pack

Participants will be able to collect their race bibs prior to race day, please ensure that you bring your confirmation email containing your bib number to make the process as smooth as possible.
When: Saturday, October 1 – 11am until 1pm
Where: Park Newsagency, 196 Auburn St, Goulburn, NSW 2580

Runners may also collect their race packs at the official Race Check in on Sunday at Carr Confoy Park, Sunday 2nd October between 6.30am and 7.45am

Please bring personal ID to make the process as quick as possible. If you are for any reason unable to attend, a friend or family member can collect your race bib on your behalf. They will need to provide your race email confirmation to do so.

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