2017 Greater Bank Armidale Fun Run

12 Nov 2017

2KM | 5KM | 10KM

Live Results

8:00am Roberts & Morrow 10km Fun Run 
8:00am Greater 5km Fun Run
9:10am Sportspower Armidale 2km Fun Run

The 5th annual Greater Bank Armidale Fun Run will be held on Sunday 12th November 2017!

Welcome to the RunNSW Greater Bank Armidale Fun Run to be held on Sunday 12th November from Harris Park in Armidale. This will be the third consecutive event which each grows in numbers and profile with runners of all ages and abilities enjoying Australia’s Highest city fun run!

The course takes participants along the picturesque bike track from Harris Park to the University of New England and back. We look forward to welcoming back all previous participants and new runners in this fun family event.

2016 Results – Overall Results Listing Below via PDF

overall-results_2016-armidale           |             results-ranking-2016-armidale

Congratulations to our Division Winners!

Roberts and Morrow 10k

Men’s Overall – 10K
Place  Name  Bib  Age Time
1 Steven Ballantine 365 25 00:38:47.54
2 Michael Conroy 64 27 00:39:23.16
3 Daniel Nash 370 23 00:40:38.29
Women’s Overall – 10K
1 Jacqueline King 194 45 00:48:31.73
2 Angela Croll 363 44 00:49:20.51
3 Ada Klinkhamer 19 27 00:49:46.46
Men’s 40-54 – 10K
1 Allan Thompson 22 42 00:40:57.43
2 Craig Bailey 208 46 00:43:11.58
3 Alexander Mackenzie 46 51 00:44:10.26
Women’s 40-54 10K
1 Jacqueline King 194 45 00:48:31.73
2 Angela Croll 363 44 00:49:20.51
3 Jenny Gibson 350 48 00:51:42.52
Men’s 55+ 10K
1 Julius Van der Werf 97 56 00:47:15.23
2 Jamie Thomas 25 59 00:47:33.13
3 Steve Prosser 28 55 00:48:38.51
Women’s 55+ 10K
1 Gail Wilkes 52 57 00:49:54.86
2 Heather Nonhebel 250 57 00:50:48.55
3 Mary Grills 104 57 00:53:55.58

Greater Bank 5k 

Men’s Overall – 5K
1 Matthew Campion 145 17 00:15:55.34
2 Steven Chung 37 19 00:16:08.48
3 Stuart Geddes 29 16 00:17:48.76
Women’s Overall – 5K
1 Natasha Favotto 281 17 00:19:27.52
2 Kelsie Youman 136 16 00:20:14.48
3 Disa Smart 65 14 00:20:32.38
Male Under 16 5K
1 Lawson Fittler 378 15 00:18:38.03
2 Samuel Jones 314 14 00:19:13.66
3 Declan Rich 140 14 00:19:38.37
Female Under 16 5K
1 Disa Smart 65 14 00:20:32.38
2 Georgia Simm 178 12 00:22:38.45
3 Emily Stonestreet 356 13 00:22:59.17
Men’s 40+ 5K
1 Michael Smart 67 46 00:19:15.56
2 Stephen Davies 377 48 00:20:30.11
3 Chris McLennan 280 60 00:20:57.10
Women’ 40+ 5K 
1 Melissa Gill 308 40 00:24:31.91
2 Diana Russell 80 61 00:27:12.93
3 Tania Ball 300 41 00:27:40.64

Armidale SportsPower 2k

Boys 12 and under 2K
1 Caleb Bettison 50 11 00:07:14.34
2 George Schmude 49 11 00:07:27.51
3 Macklin Ross 82 12 00:07:43.77
Girls 12 and under 2K
1 Chiyo Brown 48 10 00:07:36.76
2 Sienna Dellow 47 10 00:08:54.36
3 Natashia Barton 89 8 00:09:16.70
Complete photo gallery coming soon.

Please see Facebook page album for 2016 photos

General Event Details

The Greater Bank Armidale Fun Run will be held for the 5th time on Sunday 12 November 2017. The event has attracted over 450 runners to both the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 events and has strong roots in the local community including the Armidale Athletics Club and Armidale parkrun.

We also appreciate the generous support of our local sponsors in Roberts & Morrow, Armidale Sportspower and Sport UNE who have supported this event since its inception in 2013.

Events and Registration Fees

  1. Roberts & Morrow 10km  $27 early bird  $37 late
  2. Roberts & Morrow 10km Team of 4-5  $90 early bird  $110 late
  3. Greater Bank 5km $16.50 early bird  $27 late
  4. Greater Bank 5km Team of 4-5 $60 early bird and $90 late
  5. Armidale Sportspower 2km $11.50 early bird  $16.50 late
  6. Armidale Sportspower 2km team of 4-5 early bird $42 and $52.50


On the Day Event Details

Collecting your Race Pack
1. Collect on Saturday 11 November, 9am-1pm at Harris Park (Kirkwood Street)

Please bring personal ID to make the process as quick as possible. If you are for any reason unable to attend, a friend or family member can collect your race bib on your behalf. They will need to provide your race email confirmation to do so.

2. Collect from 6:30am Race Day
Please allow time to check in on the day. You will pick up an athlete pack at the event ’check in’ tent. This pack will include your Race Bib and your Timing Chip. The Race Bib is to be pinned on the front of your running outfit while the Timing Chip is to be laced into one of your running shoes.

Late Entry Options
Online entries will be accepted up until Saturday 11th November online. Bib collection and late entries will also be received on Saturday 11  November 9am – 1pm at Harris Park OR on race day between 6:30am and 8:00am. Payment must be made by credit card or cash.

Overall winners (top 3) and category winners will be presented at 9:40am after the completion of the Armidale Sportspower 2km for kids.

Family, friends and athletes are all welcome to enjoy the hospitality put on by Armidale Lions Club and after the run. Enjoy some food from the BBQ or a coffee and muffin.

The Run Course
The entire course is closed to traffic but please be aware there still may be event vehicles (please don’t run with loud music!) or emergency/Police vehicles. The main rule we want to enforce is that runners are to stick to the left.

Km markers: Every km will be marked accurately and identified as either 5k or 10k distance markers.

Drink stations: There will be one drink stations on the 5km course (approx. 2.5K) and THREE drink stations on the 10km course (approx. 2k, 7k, 5k).

Toilets: A men’s and women’s toilet block will be available at Harris Park. A 2nd set of toilets will also be available for participants in the 10k at the Bellevue Oval at UNE at the 5km mark.

Post Event – Recovery Area
After the finish volunteers will direct you to the post event recovery area where water, sports drink and fruit will be available. After you finish you will be handed a place card which you will need to have scanned along with the barcode on your race bib. The place card is then dropped into the bucket provided. This system is similar to that which is used at parkrun.

Results will be available as soon as the last competitor passes the finish line. A link to the results will be available on this website on event day. The 10km and 5km courses are certified by an AIMS/IAAF Course Measurer therefore they can be used for seed times for entering other events, eg:City to Surf.

Car parking – be aware that Kirkwood St will be fully closed so please park in the Armidale CBD area and walk across to Harris Park.

Roberts & Morrow 10km – 8:00am

Early Entry Fee: $27

Categories: Opens | Masters 40 54yrs | Grand Masters 55yrs +

Prizes: Prize money will be awarded to top 3 men and women: $1st = $200, 2nd = $100, 3rd = $50. There will also be medals awarded for top three men and women in each of the categories.

Time Limit: Local Police would like to ensure the roads are reopened as soon as possible therefore a time limit of 2hrs will apply for 10km participants.

Run Course
Check out the course map on the course map page. The Roberts & Morrow 10km route is a mix of road and good quality bike path. The route takes competitors from the heart of the city to the picturesque grounds of the University of New England campus before finishing on the grass track at Harris Park, essentially finishing in the stadium!” This year we have improved the course by creating a more direct run into the finish on Harris Park. Runners will complete a “swtich back” on Meredith St at the UNE campus. A video of the switch back appears here.

Team Challenge
Open to anyone in the 10km event at no extra cost. Create your team, get at least 4 runners to enter and select your team then hope they all finish!

Greater Bank 5km – 8:00am

Entry Fee: $16.50

Categories: Junior U/16 and Open

Prizes: Medals will be awarded to the first 3 men and women. Other category place getters will receive RunNSW medals.

A great distance to start
You don’t need to be a trained or experienced runner to participate, in fact the 5k event is targeted at encouraging people to be active and simply having a go. This event is ideal for novice runners, teenagers, walkers and prams.

All Age Team Challenge
Open to anyone in the Greater Bank 5km. Create your team online then share your password and get your mates to join. Unlimited team size but only 4 will score the all important points.

Run Course
All runners in the UNE Sport 5k are reminded to be aware that the turnaround is at approximately 2.2km mark. Both 10k and 5k runs start together so 5k runners are urged to be on the lookout for the CLEARLY marked turn around point and not to keep running all the way to UNE!

Armidale Sportspower 2km – 9:10am

Entry Fee: $11.00
The 2km children’s Fun Run will start after all the mums and dads have finished! It is open to kids up to 12yrs of age. Every child will also receive a Finishers medal from Athletics NSW.

Run Course
This run is the perfect way for kids aged 12 and under to get involved! The course is completely closed to traffic and will give the kids a chance to run later in the morning when all eyes are on them after the adults finish their respective 5k/10k runs. All runners will be timed and their results listed just like the 5k and 10k.

Kids Team Challenge
School or social teams of up to 5 kids (primary age) with the top 4 to score. [/av_one_third]

RunNSW Membership

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Once registered, simply use the ’discount code’ at the bottom of your signup email for FREE entry into all the RunNSW and TrackRUN Events.

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Experience the High!

Armidale is a unique city that is the jewel of the New England Plateau. It is a major inland city that serves the agricultural and education industries. It is home to some of the most spectacular landscape and national parks in Australia and the University of New England, the first established University outside a capital city. All athletes in Armidale have free use of our altitude chamber, permanently set between 900 and 1200 metres!
For more details on Armidale, where to stay and what to see visit the New England High Country tourism website: www.experiencethehighs.com.au

Population: 26,000 approx
Elevation: 990m
Location: In the heart of the New England plateau.
Air: Qantaslink direct flights from Sydney, Rail: Daily NSW TrainkLink from Sydney
Bus: Daily between Brisbane and Sydney

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