30 Aug 2020

21.1KM | 7KM | 2KM

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2020 Sydney Half Marathon

One of the flattest, fastest half marathon courses in Australia – it’s time to run a PB at the home of the Sydney 2000 Olympics!

Sunday 30th August



Sydney Olympic Park




Sydney Half Marathon + 7km Wheelchair event

Sydney Half Marathon
Greater Bank 7km Fun Run

Show Your Stripes 2km Family Fun Run
presented by Ronald McDonald House Charities
To find out more about how to help donate/fundraise, please click here!


Please note the following entries fees below. All entry prices below are online and close at 9am, Friday 28th August.
On the day entries will be available from 6:00am, on Sunday, 30th August.
All three event distances are free for Athletics NSW & RunNSW members, upon entering the relevant discount code.

Sydney Half
Up until Sunday, 23rd August:
Monday, 24th August – Friday, 28th August:
On-the-day Entry Fee (Sunday, 30th August):

Athletics NSW + RunNSW Members = FREE ENTRY (upon entering discount code)

Greater Bank 7km Fun Run
Up until Sunday, 23rd August:
Monday, 24th August – Friday, 28th August:
$30 KIDS

On-the-day Entry Fee (Sunday, 30th August):
$35 KIDS

Athletics NSW + RunNSW Members = FREE ENTRY (upon entering discount code)

Show Your Stripes Family 2km presented by Ronald McDonald House Charities
Up until Sunday, 23rd August:
Adult (18+ years) – $15
Child (Under 18) – $10

Monday, 24th August – Friday, 28th August:
Adult (18+ years) – $20
Child (Under 18) – $15

On-the-day Entry Fee (Sunday, 30th August):
Adult (18+ years) – $25
Child (Under 18) – $20

Athletics NSW + RunNSW Members = FREE ENTRY (upon entering discount code)


Free entry into Sydney10, Sydney Half, Fenleigh 15, 50% off all Waratah Run Series events, 50% off RunNSW Western Sydney 10, and free entry/discounts into all other RunNSW events!


A Race for Everyone!

The Greater Bank Sydney Half is part of Greater Bank RunNSW series and will also incorporate the NSW Half Marathon Championships. The event will also feature a 7km and 2km Family Fun Run to ensure there is something for everyone. Athletics NSW medals will be on the line for U/20, Open and Masters categories in the half marathon for registered members. All races are open to members AND the general running public.

Finisher’s medals will be available for every participant on the day, including a special editional Sydney Half medal for every half marathon participant on the day – you won’t want to miss it!

Event Timetable

6:00am – Event bib collection commences at Cathy Freeman Park
7:20am – Greater Bank Sydney Half Marathon and 7km Wheelchair
7:30am – Greater Bank Sydney Half and Greater Bank 7km Run
10:00am – Show Your Stripes Family 2km presented by Ronald McDonald House Charities

We’ve allowed enough time between races for participants to cheer on their children, families and friends participating in the other races. Be sure to invite your friends and family to come down and support you in your run. Runners are to be present at the start area 10 minutes before the start time.

Cut Off Times
Fully closed running course and Tag Timing Cut off 3:00hrs
After 10:30am participants must then run off the road and act as a pedestrian and give way to traffic. We will continue to provide manual timing until 10:30am.
Manual timing cut off 3:30hrs

Event Check In and Race Bib/Timing Tag Collection

Once you have entered, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have entered on or before Sunday, 11th August your race pack will be sent to you. After this, your pack will need to be collected on the morning of the race.

1. Early check in and race pack collection
As many participants will have their bibs mailed to them, there will be no pre-event bib collection on the day before the event.

2. Race day check in available near the start area (outside ANZ Stadium/Olympic Blvd)
All participants who did not rececive their race bib and timing tag in the mail can collect from the bib collection area near ANZ Stadium on Sunday 25th August from 6:00am. Check in on the day closes 30 minutes before the start of each event. Please ensure you allow plenty of time to confirm your entry and collect your race bib timing tag. Participants who do not collect their timing tag will not receive an official finish time.

Run Course

4 x 5.25KM LOOPS = Half Marathon
1 x 5.25KM LOOP + 1 x 1.75KM LOOP = Greater Bank 7km Fun Run
1 x 2KM LOOP = Show Your Striples 2km Fun Run 

Please note that the event will start and finish outside ANZ Stadium, on Olympic Blvd, at Sydney Olympic Park. Please click here to view the location of the start/finish area.

Getting There

If you are driving to the event, it is recommended that you park in P1 which can be accessed via Hill Road. Alternatively, parking will also be available in P6 however this is a longer walk to the start line.

The Start and Finish area is outside ANZ Stadium which is around 100 metres walk from the Sydney Olympic Park Train Station. Please ensure you check the city rail train timetable for details.

The Finish Line

The start line will be the finish line located on Olympic Boulevard recognisable by the finish arch. A recovery area will be set up after the finish line for runners to recovery with water and hydration/electrolyte drinks. After exiting the recovery zone runners can meet their friends and family in the festival area located outside ANZ Stadium. There will be first aid and sports trainers at the finish line as well as a range of food and drink outlets.

Click here to view a map of the event village

Prizes and Prize Categories

Athletics NSW Medals for the Half Marathon
These will be awarded to the top three ELIGIBLE runners in each age category of the Half Marathon event. Note: Team results and points will be awarded to ANSW Club runners who participate in the Half Marathon only. The 7km and 2km events are supporting events are not part of the Athletics NSW Winter Championship.
U20 Male and Female,
Open Male and Open Female,
Masters Male and Masters Female (5-year age groups starting from 30-34 years through to 80+ years)

Prize Money will be awarded to the overall top 3 Men & Women in the Half Marathon
1st Place – $250
2nd Place – $150
3rd Place – $100
+ $150 Performance bonus for sub-70 minutes (Men – must place in top 5 overall)
+ $150 Performance bonus for sub-80 minutes (Women – must place in top 5 overall)

Prize Money will be awarded to the overall top 3 Men & Women in the Wheelchair Half Marathon
1st Place – $250
2nd Place – $150
3rd Place – $100

RunNSW Medals for the Greater Bank 7km
RunNSW medals shall be awarded for place getters in the Greater Bank 7km.
Top three overall Male and Female
Top three U/16 male and U/16 female

Overall Male & Female Medals will also be presented to the top three in the Show Your Stripes 2km Family Fun Run.

How do I enter for the 2019 Greater Bank Sydney Half?

Online entries are now open. All entries must be completed online.
Early Bird entries close on Sunday, 11th August, 2019. All entries received by this date will have their race packs including their race bib with their timing chip mailed to them. All entries received after this date will collect their race packs on the morning of the race.


Entry Fees

Please note the following entries fees below. Note that all RunNSW members will receive free entry upon entering their promotion code.
All online entries will include a processing fee. On the day prices indicated below are inclusive of processing fees.

Adult (18+ Years)
Child (Under 18)
Sydney Half
($90 on the day)
Minimum age
16 years
($90 on the day)
Minimum age
16 years
Greater Bank
($50 on the day)
($35 on the day)
Family Fun Run
($25 on the day)
($20 on the day)

Please click here to view the 2019 Sydney Half Course Map

21km (Red arrows)
4 x 5.25km laps

7km (Green arrows)
1 x 5.25km lap then 1 x 1.75km lap

2km (Blue arrows)
1 x 2km lap

Training Tips

Here are four tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your training in the final month.

We are assuming that you are at a level of fitness good enough to be planning a 1/2 Marathon in three months time, but may still be relatively inexperienced and will benefit from some general advice on how to prepare.

1: Build then taper

Progressively increase your long run until two weeks out, then back it off to ensure you aren’t over-trained on race day. It is important that you don’t increase by too much from one week to the next, to minimise the risk of injury.

For example, here’s a progression for a runner who is only up to running 15km this weekend, but wants to get through the full half marathon on 28 August:
Sunday 28th July: 15km
Sunday 4th August: 17km
Sunday 11th August: 19.5km
Sunday 18th August: 15km28
Sunday 25th August: Race Day, 21.1km.

2: Add a fartlek

Add some ‘sessions’ to spice up your training and improve your fitness. Long, slow running is nice, and it’s an important part of building up to a half marathon. But you can get a greater benefit in a shorter amount of time by including a session in your weekly training plan. Sessions involve a warm-up, a workout and then a cool down.

Fartlek sessions are a staple for runners from all around the world, from 800m to the marathon, so why not try one for yourself?

Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning ‘speed play’. Basically, it is a session involving periods of faster running interspersed with periods of jogging to recover.

Here is a basic Fartlek session, with the 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes at goal half marathon pace or faster, with 1 minute of slow jogging in between. This can be done on an oval, in a park or on a trail/path.

– Start with a 10-15 min warm-up jog.
– Complete some dynamic stretches and basic drills, then 4 x 50m100m strides at 7085% of your fastest speed.
– Fartlek session:
1 min at 5km pace (1 min jog)
2 min at 10km pace (1 min jog)
3 min at 1/2 marathon pace (1 min jog)
4 min at 1/2 marathon pace (1 min jog)
3 min at 1/2 marathon pace (1 min jog)
2 min at 10km pace (1 min jog)
1 min at 5km pace.
– Finish with a 1015 min cool down jog.

Try to include one session each week for the next three weeks.

3: Nothing new on race day

There is a golden rule with running: don’t try anything new on race day.

With this rule in mind, it is important to use the final few weeks of training to practice a couple of things so that there are no surprises on the big day.

– Practice the pace you want to run on race day. A common mistake for beginners (and even experienced campaigners) is to run too fast in the early stages of the race, only to suffer later on. Aim to get a feel for your approximate goal pace, so you minimise the risk of ‘blowing up’. You can do this during interval sessions, fartlek sessions or short tempo runs.
– Practice your pre-race breakfast. Aim for something light, easy to digest and high in carbohydrates.
– Choose your race-day running gear (shoes and clothes) and wear them for a few runs.
– If you plan to take on gels during the race, try this during at least two of your long runs to make sure you are happy with their taste and consistency. Practise drinking sports drink or water as well.
– Plan how you will get to the race, where you will warm up, what time you will get to the start line, etc.

4: Get on a roll(er)

Invest in a foam roller, these are great for self-treatment and maintenance as you increase your training over the next few weeks. For some basic foam roller exercises, check out:

Ben St Lawrence is the NSW 5k Record Holder

Thank you to Ben St Lawrence for preparing this information. Ben is a 62 min 1/2 Marathon runner and the Australian Record Holder and Olympian for 10k. Ben is also a coach at Run Crew. If you have any questions about this information or would like a more tailored program for your next goal race, email info@runcrew.com.au or use the ‘contact us’ section on the Run Crew website: www.runcrew.com.au

General Training Tips

  1. ALWAYS stretch after a session and recover properly eat some food including protein within 15 minutes after your session.
  2. LISTEN to your body. If you are sore or tired, modify the workout or have a rest
  3. ALTER the training days to suit your week swap the days in the program around but keep to the principle of ’hard/easy’ – do not do 2 hard days in a row!
  4. MIX up the terrain you run on; use grass, gravel roads, bush trails and bitumen. Try and avoid concrete.

What happens at the Start?

The start line will be on Olympic Boulevard, 97m before the Finish arch, for all races. Runners need to report to the start line 10 minutes before their race. There will be NO SEEDING groups on the start line so we ask that all runners use common sense to SELF SEED themselves. This means faster runners start at the front, moderate runners in the middle and slower runners/walkers at the back. Any prams should also start at the back. There will be a few brief words and a nice little gee up before we send you on your way.

Where are the toilets?

There are three toilet stops along the course:
– Cathy Freeman park at the start/finish line
– The P5 carpark located on Holkier Rd. (3.9km point of each loop)
– On the ANZ stadium side of Dawn Fraser Ave (6.6km point of each loop)

Where are the drink stations?

There will be the following drink stations out on course:
– Marjorie Jackson Parkway 3.2km, 10.2km & 17.2km (water & electrolyte)
– Holker Rd
– Dawn Fraser Avenue 6.4km, 13.4km & 20.4km (water only)
– Finish line (water and electrolyte)

What happens at the Finish Line?

The finish line on Olympic Boulevard and recognisable by the Finish arch.

A recovery area will be set up in Cathy Freeman Park for participants to recover with water and electrolyte and remove their timing chips.

After exiting the recovery zone runners can meet their friends and family in Cathy Freeman Park surrounds as they overlook the course.

There will be first aid and sports trainers at the finish line as well as a range of food and drink outlets.

Where can I warm up?

You will be able to warm up along Olympic Boulevard from 6:00am as the road will be closed to all traffic. The event precinct within Cathy Freeman Park has toilet facilities. Friends and family can view runners passing the start finish point three times.

Can my club set up a tent?

Yes! Clubs are invited to set up their club tents in Cathy Freeman Park overlooking the course. Tents will need to be weighted down rather than pegged and it is preferable that only 3m x 3m tents be used. Please email lisa.matthews@nswathletics.org.au to book a position for your tent.

Is there a baggage area?

Yes. A secure baggage area will be provided next to the recovery area. Runners who leave their bags inside the baggage area will write their name and bib number on the front and leave their bag with an attendant. Do NOT leave valuables in bags left in the baggage area. This is a service to runners but Athletics NSW cannot guarantee security of items left.

How can I view my official result?

Runners will be able to see their result on the main score board as soon as they cross the finish line! Live results will also be found via the ANSW live results page; http://www.nswathletics.info/liveresults/

What Presentations will be held on the day?

Medal presentations will happen as per timetable below:
9:15am: Open Half Marathon Male and Female winners
9:15am: NSW Medals Male & Female, U/20 and Masters
9:15am: Greater Bank 7km and 4km Fun Run winners

What are the prizes and prize categories?

Outright winners will be awarded prize money in the 21.1km
1st – $250
2nd – $150
3rd – $100

Do I need a timing tag and event bib?


All participants including all members and non members will be issued with a race specific timing chip and bib. This will be sent to the participant if they have registered on or before Wednesday 15th August, otherwise it will be available for collection on the morning of the event.

What do I do if I need Medical out on course?

Please notify an ANSW official who will contact the St Johns team located out on the course.

Safety tips

Please do not compete if you have been ill or have had a viral infection within two week of the event.
Please watch where you are walking or running, as will road based events, there can be debris on the road.
Please write the name and number of your emergency contact on the back of your race bib prior to starting the race.


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