2019 Western Sydney 10

1 Jun 2019

42.2k | 21.1k | 10k | 5k | 2k

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Western Sydney 10

as part of the Western Sydney Marathon

Event Distances

42.2k, 21.1k, 10k, 5k, 2k

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2019 Western Sydney 10 News

Have a Blast at the Volcanic Challenge!

In this post-industrial world built from concrete and steel, exposure to nature can only be achieved when escaping the comfort of suburban life. The dwindling natural areas in rural Australia not only have to battle the threat of overpopulation but the harsh weather...

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The 2019 Greater Bank Fitness 5 Fun Run & Walk returns to Wollongong on Sunday, March 24th. Featuring some beautiful scenery of the Wollongong coastline, this event is perfect for anyone regardless of their level of fitness. Simultaneously, the Peoplecare Kerryn...

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