2018 Greater Bank Tulip Time Mile

22 Sep 2018

1 Mile

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Come and run the Greater Bank Tulip Time Mile in the beautiful Southern Highlands on Saturday September 22nd! The event is a race for everyone! Whether you are entering with your school pals, a keen runner eager to compete with your friends, a master who has never raced this distance before, or someone who just wants to have some fun, the Tulip Time Mile is for you! Part of the famous Tulip Time Parade, where the heart of Bowral comes alive with a unique street parade, the Greater Bank Tulip Time Mile is an exciting and fun race for anyone to join in.
Congratulations on taking part in this year’s Tulip Time Mile! All the results can be found here! Tulip Time Results
The Greater Bank Tulip Time Mile is a race that is open to anyone! The event is part of the famous Tulip Time Street Party in the heart of Bowral. With the course roads closed, it is a safe and fun two-lap race that starts and finishes at the intersection of Bong Bong St and Wingecarribee  St. There are separate races for adults, primary school and secondary school children and anyone who can run a mile can join in. There are discounts for teams of 6, so grab your mates and register today!

All participants will receive a Greater Bank RunNSW medal, and their official time will be published on the RunNSW website.

Gold, Silver and Bonze medals will be awarded to place-getters in the following categories

Junior Primary School Male and Female – Year 3 & 4
Senior Primary School Male and Female – Year 5 & 6
Junior High School Male and Female – Year 7,8 & 9
Senior High School Male and Female – Year 10,11 & 12
Open Male and Open Female
Masters Male and Masters Female


11:00am On the day rego opens
11:00am Bib collection opens
12:30pm On the Day rego Closes
1:00pm Bib Collection Closes
1:20pm Race Briefing
1:30pm Primary Schools Girls and Boys Race
1:40pm Secondary School Girls and Boys Race
1:50pm Open/Masters Female Tulip Time Mile
2:00pm Open/Masters Male Tulip Time Mile
2:18pm Races Completed
3:30pm Medal Presentations in Corbett Gardens

All runners will be required to register at the marshalling area in Corbett Plaza between 11.30am and 1:00pm to pick up their race bibs and allow for pre-race safety briefings and race organisation.
The section of Wingecarribee St between Station St and Bong Bong St will be closed to traffic and can be used for warmup, as can the plaza near the registration desk .
Runners will be able to warm up as needed but will be required to collect in the marshalling area at Corbett Plaza 10 minutes before their race starts. In order to move through the races quickly, runners will be escorted to the start line as soon as the last finisher of the previous race crosses the line.
All runners will also need to be present for the compulsory pre-race safety briefing at 1:20pm, which will occur at the marshalling area in Corbett Plaza.
All participants will be timed and the results published on line.
Each race group will be collected from their assembly group 1 minute before the race starting time and will be brought out on to Bong Bong St and will line up behind the start line across both lanes.
After the race starts, runners will proceed down the street in both lanes, and will be required to have moved over to the right lane by the time they pass the Boolwey Street traffic lights.
Runners will keep to the right side of the road around the race course, completing two laps of the course.
Once runners cross the finish line, which will be marked, they need to maintain their finish order and enter the marshalling chute, in order for their place to be recorded. A marshall will be present to assist in ensuring runners are in the correct position and to hand them a place card.
Once the recorder has taken down the name and position, runners proceed to the end of the marshalling chute and are free to warm down or gather their gear.
A video camera will be in place at the finish line should there be any disputes

The course map is available to view by clicking here.  You will likely run over the same path, however the laps have been differentiated by colour to show them.  The red represents lap one, and the purple represents lap two

The course is 1 mile (1604m) long.

The race involves two laps of Bong Bong Street, starting outside the ANZ bank. The course proceeds south down Bong Bong St on the right-hand side of the road to the first turnaround point just before the roundabout at Banyette St. Runners proceed around the cone and run in a northerly direction on the right side of the road back along Bong Bong Street. They will proceed to the second turnaround, located at the traffic lights at Merrigang St. Runners will proceed on the road surface around the turnaround, and then proceed back in a southerly direction down Bong Bong St. They will pass the start line and proceed back down to the first turnaround point, run around the cone, proceeding back up Bong Bong St in a northerly direction to the second turnaround, where they turn and proceed to the finish line outside the ANZ bank.

What are the Course Records?

MALE – Simon Rogers – 4:33 (2017)
FEMALE – Grace Musgrove – 5:23 (2010)

Are there any restrictions on who can enter? Do I have to be fast?

The event is open to runners of all standards. However, due to the fact that the course is two laps, it will be necessary for all runners to be over the start line after the first lap before the first runner is finishing.
If you have any concerns with your ability to compete please get in touch with us and we can discuss this in more detail.
If you can run a mile the whole way, then you will be able to compete in the allocated time.

How far is a Mile?

A Mile is 1.6km.

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