Reaching the top of Mount Cairncross and passing through Elephant Creek, the NSW Trail Running Championships on Sunday, 21 July proves to be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding winter running events in the state.

Mount Cairncross lies 24 kilometers inland from Australia’s east coast and reaches a height of 536 meters. Although lower than the ranges beyond, its distinctive shape explains why it is known locally as the ‘Sleeping Elephant’.

Featured as part of the Elephant Trail Race, the NSW Trail Running Championships contains spectacular views of multiple National Parks and State Forests in the area.

During its inception in 2018, the Elephant Trail Race had 415 entries over the range of distances, varying from 2.5km to 100 miles.

There is no shortage of climbs or challenges on the courses; the longer distances will challenge even the most experienced runners.

The 100 mile-race is undeniably reserved for seasoned experts looking to tackle an even bigger challenge. However, the 2.5km race for children aged 3-15 provides insight into what trail running is about.

As part of the RunNSW 2019 calendar, the 25km Trail Championships features a multi-directional course with stunning views, and all competitors receive a medal upon crossing the finish line.

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