RELAY INFORMATION SHEET – This is relevant for all 2018 Relay Runners and Team Captains


The Fernleigh 15 relay shall consist of 5 run legs with each runner completing the following sections.

– Leg 1: Adamstown to Kahibah (3.1km)
– Leg 2: Kahibah to Whitebridge (2.1km)
– Leg 3: Whitebridge to Redhead (4.0km)
– Leg 4: Redhead to Jewells (2.6km)
– Leg 5: Jewells to Belmont (3.2km)

All runners shall wear their individual race bib they receive at check in. they will also receive a wrist band which will identify which leg you are running. See below.

All runners shall wear their colored wrist band during their run. Only the last runner shall wear a timing chip.

All relay runners shall report to a special relay marshalling at St Pius X at 7:20am sharp. From here you will be introduced to the Event Volunteer in charge of each run leg and move off to catch buses. Runner 1 shall remain behind at St Pius X and be escorted to the start line at 8:00am.


There will be two buses leaving the St Pius X bus stop off Fletcher St. There shall be an Event Coordinator leading each group to their respective buses.

Bus 1 – 7:30am Departure, Coordinator TBC

All 2nd run leg competitors (Kahibah start)

All 3rd run leg competitors (Whitebridge start)

Bus 2 – 7:30am Departure, Coordinator TBC

All 4th run leg competitors (Redhead start)

All 5th run leg competitors (Jewells start)

Bus 3 – 7:30 Departure, Extra Capacity for Whitebridge and Jewells shall travel on Bus 3.


At each start area all relay runners shall exit the bus with 2 adult volunteers. These two volunteers are parents of runners in the Leadbeatter training group and shall run the relay leg as safety marshals.

You will be welcomed at each relay leg by a relay leg marshal who will escort you to the relay change zone. The relay change zones shall be on the right of the run course and past the drink station at each location.

Runners will be welcome to warm up at each change zone until the lead bike arrives. From there you will need to remain in the zone.

IMPORTANT: A warm up clothing tub will be provided at each Start Area. Runners may place their gear in the tub and it will brought back onto the bus. 


The relay marshal at each change zone shall receive the incoming runner and ensure that a proper change takes place. Essentially we require a hand touch in the zone between incoming and outgoing runners. From there all finishing runners shall remain in the zone until everyone in the relay leg has finished.

Upon completion all runners will be escorted to the bus and return to Belmont.

IMPORTANT: We require all runners to return to the Belmont finish line. From there you can watch your team finish, collect you medal and be returned to your waiting friends and family.

There is lots to do at the finish line for waiting family and friends. See below.



Map 1: Start, 

Marshaling Area, Bus Stop and Start line for Runner 1

Map 2: Kahibah

Finish runner 1 / Start runner 2

Map 3: Whitebridge

Finish runner 2 / start runner  3

Map 4: Redhead

Finish runner 3 / start runner 4

 Map 5: Jewells

Finish runner 4 / start runner 5