NSW Olympian Ben St Lawrence has become the first user of an in-ear coaching device developed by start-up company BioConnected at the NSW Institute of Sport’s incubator.

Innovative HR+ is the world’s first sports earphone that measures heart-rate variability. – “HR+ are hands down the best wireless earphones I’ve used,” said Ben.

BioConnected HR+ is good for social runners, serious athletes, and people with specific health challenges.

Users can program it to give customised feedback while they’re exercising via its AI technology. It’s like having a running coach in your ear. “The ear is the best and most efficient place to measure an athlete’s heart rate,” Ben St Lawrence said.

“Since 75 percent of runners already use earphones for music and motivation – it’s the logical place to harvest heart-rate data. “Measuring heart rate variability is a big deal because it’s a known marker of cardiac stress and overtraining. “This solution is good for people who self-train and also for those who train with coaches. “Both ways, you’re getting real-time information on which you can rely and on which you can act instantly.”

BioConnected HR+ has been designed from a clean sheet to answer the needs of all users.

The complete head unit weighs just 17 grams – that’s less than half other premium earbuds. It comes with nine combinations of custom fitting gels and shark-fin stabilisers to ensure a secure fit. A patented design keeps the earbuds securely placed so they don’t fall out.

Sound quality is supreme, thanks to a bigger bass response. Two lithium ion batteries provide a massive seven hours playtime for music and five and half hours for a combination of music and sensor fitness biometric measurements.

A plasma Nano coating makes them sweat and water proof.

HR+ has been validated for heart rate accuracy. It provides reliable measurement of total energy expenditure, cadence, distance, speed and pace. While it has its own app that comes in the package, it can be used via Bluetooth with all current running apps such as Strava and Map My Run.

The total package is available from http://www.bioconnected.com for a RRP of $299 (including GST).

Alternatively, visit Running Science in Rozelle and speak to Fletch to find out more.

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