For all the benefits that running has it appears if you want to get more out of your run, there’s something else you should be doing….

Hitting the stairs seems to be the new craze amongst runners and for good reason. It’s a great companion exercise that will help runners increase their leg turn over plus it provides a challenge and satisfying strength workout.

But it doesn’t stop there. Want to increase your cardiovascular endurance and strength? Hit the stairs. Need to burn more calories than your standard run gives you? Stairs. Can’t crack your goal time for distance? Try adding stairs into your weekly regime.

Stronger, fitter, faster, better – training on stairs seems to have it all.

So go find yourself a set of stairs and give it a test run! If you’d like to try stairs on a bigger scale, perhaps as your next “fun run,” check out  – These guys hold massive stair climbing events within some of Australia’s most loved sporting stadiums.  Events happening in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane over June and July.