Are you ready??

It’s a question you’ve asked yourself many times and will no doubt continue to ask yourself until that gun goes off. You’re not alone either. On that start line standing beside you will be the question rolling around in many other people’s heads – even those standing right up the front!

So how do you know, that’s the million-dollar question.

I’d suggest you’ve run a few lead up races of around half the distance you’re about to tackle this year and you’ve got a good idea on a goal time. If it’s a case of grabbing that race bling and calling yourself a finisher, you’ve thought about that finishers photo over and over again..

You’ve done the long runs or are prepared to do the long runs in the heat, in the cold and sometimes at ridiculous hours of the morning just to keep the rest of the family “onside”. If you’re toeing the line for the full marathon your longest training run as a guide could be between 30-34k for the half marathon, again as a guide look to cover around 18K.

Shoes oh the shoes! You can now walk into the local running shop and they know your size and what brand you wear. That’s a great thing, you’ve looked after what will take you to the finish line and your feet and legs will love you for it! If that’s not the case for you and your training has just started, make sure you check the state of your shoes. If you’re not sure they’ll get you through the first few months of training, take them to the experts to find out – investing in a new pair of shoes could save you time and money spent at the physio down the track.

Your friends now talk about hill sessions and interval sessions and your weekends away are now where the next race is. Gone are the days of late nights and talking about how bad your hangover is over coffee – now it’s long runs and then coffee. Yep you’re just about there…

6-12 months ago, if someone asked, “What are you up to this weekend” the answer would be, “it’s Tuesday, what a stupid question!!” now the answer is, “a 90min run with a 20min tempo”.

You’re a planner or you’ll become a planner – if you’re going to tackle your first full or half marathon you need to do the training and make sure you’re doing the most effective training that fits into your work and life. We can’t all run 5-6 days a week so chat to someone at your Running Club or Running Group, other runners are never afraid to give advice…

So, there you have it – there’s a little insight into the question of “Am I Ready to step up?” I wish you all the best for the many K’s you’re going to cover and just remember – it’s all about that finish line photo, so smile!