How was your running Year?
Never look back they say… Well, for you to improve your running, it’s time that you did.
Now’s the perfect time to Reflect on 2016 and Plan your 2017 Goals.
Take a look back at each competitive run or A and B “goal” run you entered (best not to include every parkrun you’ll be there all night…), now write down 3 Pros and Cons for each.

What went right v What didn’t go to Plan
For example: Canberra Running Festival 10k April

What went Right

What didn’t go to Plan

·       Excellent training lead in

·       Slight stomach probs (1)

·       Felt Positive

·       Chaffing (2)

·       Pacing was spot on

·       Was sore for a week (3)

So with the example above this runner should have or should;
(1) Look at what they ate the night before and the morning of the run, plus ensure nutrition consumed during the run was used/trialled in training.
(2) Always wear the clothes you intend to run in run in at least once in training.
(3) Look at what was consumed straight after the run and how much stretching they did.

So give it a go, this now gives you a great lead into – Planning my Goals for next year

Stepping up to the Half Marathon or ready to tackle your first 10k? Perhaps you want to chase those PBs or simply want to make it so running feels easier. No goal is too big or too small but every goal needs a plan.

The golden rule is to set your goals, then plan your running calendar to help you reach those goals.

Be realistic, for example if you’re after that marathon PB, you’re best to look at later in the year, we all like to enjoy the festive season a little don’t we?
A lot of my runners have Ultra Trail Australia as their “A” race next year so will start to focus on training a bit more on the trails from Jan 1st. They’ll focus a bit more on strength and agility particular for the lower limbs to prepare for the uneven and tough terrains of the Blue Mountains.

Don’t expect to PB every fun run or race you enter; you’ll simply burn yourself out or injure yourself.
Look at 3 to 4 main Goal races through the year and as I mentioned plan around them. I like to use the car as an example to my runners who are tempted to try and run as fast as possible every weekend. We all drive around at a moderate speed limit of 60-70kph on a daily or weekly basis and then each school holidays you might take the family on a road trip. You get out on the highway, put the foot down and cruise at 100-110kph and the car just purrs. Now try and take the car out on the highway every day and drive it at full speed, I think you’ll find it at the mechanics in 4-6 weeks…

If you’d like some more tips and tricks to help hit your 2017 running goals then hit the link

Damon Bray – The Running Movement