Australian fashion technology brand Modibodi are delighted to announce Australian Paralympian Rae Anderson as their first female brand ambassador. Rae becomes the first Paralympian to become an official company ambassador for an underwear brand in Australia and the first disabled woman to be an ambassador for a fashion label worldwide.

Kristy Chong, Founder of Modibodi says “We are extremely excited to have Rae represent our brand. She embodies our core pillars of confidence, empowerment and strength and she is the type of ambassador we believe young girls should be seeing on billboards and their Instagram feeds, instead of surgically enhanced Iggy Azalea. Rae has never allowed the barriers of her cerebral palsy to hold her back and has viewed her disability as providing her with more opportunity. This should be applauded and supported. There was one point in Rae’s life where she was wheelchair bound and now she is competing at the Paralympics, how inspiring that is!”

Rae, 19 is currently training for her Paralympic debut at Rio and comes from the coastal town of Terrigal, NSW. Rae has cerebral palsy and will fly the flag for Australia in both discus and javelin. Rae is the only female Australian Paralympian who will be competing in both sports.

“I’d like to think Modibodi chose me as an ambassador because of my values, my strength and my aspirations. Modibodi aims to give women everywhere confidence in their own body while also liberating and empowering women to reach their full potential. I believe Modibodi and I share a belief that a woman is more than her body, and we should celebrate what we have and use it instead of hating it. I am proud to be their first female ambassador. “- Rae Anderson.

Choosing to use female ambassadors, not just singers and actresses, who are doing courageous, empowering things with their life, is one of the ways in which the Modibodi brand are breaking from traditional marketing practices. They also choose not to photoshop any of their models, and use models of various ages, sizes and ethnicity in their marketing materials.

“We choose to use role models who represent empowerment and to use a diverse range of models in our marketing practices because ultimately we want to empower our customers to be their best and we want them to feel good about themselves, instead of comparing themselves to an unrealistic image. Ideally we would love to see other underwear labels embrace more empowering ambassadors and diverse models in their marketing practices as well,” said Kristy Chong.

Designed in Australia, Modibodi has reinvented underwear to offer women style, comfort and protection from sweat, bladder leaks, odour, discharge and periods. Modibodi’s flagship underpants made with patent pending Modifier Technologyâ„¢ are not only a world-class innovation giving women better underwear and a more stylish, comfortable and sustainable feminine hygiene solution, but they are exclusive to the brand. The Modifier Technologyâ„¢ works by moving moisture away from the skin, so you feel dry, through to an absorbent middle layer. A waterproof film prevents leaks onto clothes, and it is stain resistant and antimicrobial to eliminate odour.

Modibodi provides the wearer with superior comfort and the ultimate protection in a range of undergarments including maternity wear, active wear and everyday underwear; so that girls and women of all ages and sizes can live a more confident and empowered life.