It has been three days still since the Gold Coast Half Marathon which is 21 km of hard running. This week has devoted to recovering well before hitting a final block of training leading up to Rio. Shaun Creighton once told me that he thought a runner needed one week off for every 10 km raced. This would indicate a month off after a marathon and a week off hard workouts for a 10k race.
The inner tension I have now is balancing the eagerness to get straight back into hard training v’s allowing the weekend’s race to work its way through my body. Half a marathon is a pretty good training session for a marathon but if could go to waste if I don’t absorb it
I have also been told from several respected coaches over the years that a race Is worth 2 or 3 tough workouts. At this time with, only 46 days to go I need to respect recovery more than the strong pull to “train like an Olympian”.
This week’s training has been very conservative to the point where I am being passed by several runners during my shuffles! While I don’t wish to document a training diary in this blog I wanted to demonstrate what a few easy days looks like.
Monday: AM- easy 10 min joy, walk PM-easy to jog
Tuesday: AM -easy 60minutes PM- easy 40 minutes
Wednesday: AM- easy 30 minutes PM- ice bath!
From here the plan is to use Thursday and Friday to return to my typical training pattern then use the weekend to return to the typical distances I need to cover. My first workout of high quality or speed shall be 10 days after my half marathon. That does seem a long time away from the tough running I need to do between now and Rio. But for good reason.
My own experience has shown me that patience is critical and that I need only a couple of good runs to feel like I never missed a beat!