boysat swell

Yesterday’s ’bread and butter’ long run was my 4th last of this campaign, and perhaps ever. My marathon long run is 35-38k in 2hrs 30min or there about and while they become increasingly easier to handle I find that I am doing them faster as I get closer to my goal. Yesterday was no different as I enjoyed turning the screws in the latter stages of the run. While this was fun at the time I had to hold back the urge to run a further 15 minutes to cover 40km ’just because I could’. A wise decision in hindsight because as much as I was flowing freely at the end of 36km of running on Sunday the body still needs to absorb it and bounce back.

Today is Monday and during my ’creature of habit’ run (see blog 97 Days to go) I was thankful for being ’sensible’ the previous day. I was still ’knackered’ and found it a struggle to manage a reasonable jog. All this despite ice-baths, compression garments and an afternoon of rest!

As I enter my second week of the big three I will be looking to my training buddies to help me ’achieve what I can’t’. tomorrow is Tuesday and I know there will be a group of young men and women, all with their own personal goals, but willing to do what they can to help me complete my workout. This is both humbling and inspiring.

For the next three weeks I will be looking to Guy Walters, Connor Stevenson and Patrick Moore, who I have been coaching for years, to get me to lift in speed sessions by having me chase them, rep after rep.

I will be thankful for having Glenn Stojanow and Benn Fuller in the workouts who both have families, full time jobs and just love being a part of the group but understand the delicate life balance we have as family men.

I will take inspiration from the dedication and discipline that Bridey Delaney, Tia Brady and Joe Ryan are bringing to their training and the contagious nature their dedication has.

And I’ll be hoping for a ’pep up’ by Pete Mauro’s unwavering enthusiasm or Scott Llewellyns’ never ending joke book.

So while there may be one person who gets the flowers there is usually a team behind them. I am no different and those above a but a few who I have to thank for helping me #do what I can’t.

Picture: Glenn Stojanow, Benn Fuller, Scott Llewellyn, Pat Moore and Joe Ryan listen to yet another Scott L. story!

Cover pic, Scott, Pete Mauro, Glenn and Ben, playing the role of extra’s for the TV shoot. Only Glenn and Joe got the gig in the final cut but the talent was there!

Final product below.