Sometimes I am not sure how a workout is going to go until I mid way through. Today was one of those days. Having set a standard 8 times 1km session with short recoveries I wasn’t being greedy. Thankfully with Guy Walters hitting some form I had company and was able to relax and follow him for every second effort as I took the lead on the other. Mid way through the workout I felt better and better and decided I would take on 10 reps, a total I have only done a handful of times.

I pressed on and handled the extra workout surprisingly well finishing off pretty quick for an old bloke. This kind of ’going the extra mile’ workout is the exception to the rule, that rule being moderation is the key to consistency. Sometimes the mind needs to know that the body is strong and today’s workout proved that to me. Now I can continue on with total confidence that my training is ’hitting the spot’ and that I have appeared to have captured the mystical quality that sports coaches call ’momentum’.