Some days end up going a slightly different direction to what is expected. On this day in 2007 we had a coal ship land on Nobby’s beach. That was unexpected. Today was all about Jess’ birthday and not so much about me. Running was to keep a low profile…

Excited about feeling like my old self I rolled a 25k around Newcastle’s major landmarks early in the morning. No problems with the run and a strange sighting of Newy parkrun run director Simon Redhead lingering around our favourite and only crushed granite run trail at Carrington. Simon had a 4wd ute with trailer parked right on the middle of the trail during peak morning activity time. Strange, but with a quick ’hello’ I was passed him on with the rest of the run.

Later in the morning I had lined up to meet Dave Robbo at Carrington. Upon arrival at the designated meeting point, Newy parkrun start point, I noted a superb parkrun ’start’ post, 2m tall and anchored expertly onto a concrete slab. That post won’t be moving anytime soon! I had an inkling something was up. A photographer, Jonathan Carroll, was next to arrive who exclaimed

“you must be the guy with the post named after you!”


Simon arrived next and although the cover was blown was happy to escort the company to the site of his morning’s handiwork.

Humbling is a word befitting what I felt when meeting the Newy parkrun 500m distance marker proudly declaring “Westcott Way”. It is an impressive piece of work and congratulations to Simon, Robbo and all the supporters of Newy parkrun who now have 500m markers all along their course!

A fantastic edition to what is now a Newcastle running institution. Happy birthday Newy parkrun!

A happy diversion for the day where my No.1 person was still No.1…….I think!

Photos by Jonathan Carroll of the Newcastle Herald features Robbo, Yours Truly, Simon