50 days to go

Julian Wicks first lent me his Garmin to try in 2004. It was amazing. I could not believe Julian’s claim that it locked into satellites and was able to determine your instantaneous speed and elevation and develop an accurate picture of your run.  I wore it around on every run for about 2 weeks before handing it back. The device was incredible and did everything Julian claimed and more.

During those two weeks I ran with my wrist to my face, or so it seemed. The constant feedback was fascinating. I learn ‘t how my pace fluctuated throughout a run and was able to accurately measure (to GPS standards at least) all of my standard loops. Thankfully they all passed muster!

A couple years later Jess bought me the exact same watch. It was the one that measured about an inch wide but it was a good 4 inches long and sat lengthways on my wrist. Such cumbersome devices are sure to be outdated. Predictably I watched my ’roomie’ at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Kyle Vander Kuyp, I mean Marty Dent unpack his shiny new Garmin 210 just in time to try out for the lazy weeks training he had planned before his race. It was the perfect device for Marty who enjoyed the challenge of implementing the technology into his regular running routine. The ultimate use for Marty was in races later on where I noted him checking his pace. During a 10k one day he looked at his watch regularly as he surged away from the rest of the pack, including me, to take the win! On one other occasion Marty graciously paced me to 30k during the 2013 Melbourne Marathon, the pace was metronomic due largely to his experience but also the constant feedback available via the GPS.

My first sighting of a GPS watch was 12 years ago and now GPS devices are commonplace. I still own a GPS device that I enjoy using on particular training runs. The long hard runs where covering a distance at a set pace are made easy with a GPS watch.

Today’s run was a bit of fun to celebrate 50 days to the opening of the Olympics. I had a loose plan for the course and it worked out pretty well. The pace was on for a mid-week long run probably owing to the fact that 50 days isn’t far away, 66 however seems just right!