Impact statement for Cerebral Palsy Alliance:

Here at Cerebral Palsy Alliance we believe every person has the right to reach their full potential. Your support will help provide the equipment, therapy and programs to help us build future for kids and adults living with cerebral palsy. All our supporters receive: – Ongoing fundraising support and communication from our dedicated fundraising team  |   An invitation to visit our services and meet the clients and families your support will benefit  |   The joy of knowing you’ve helped change the life of a person living with cerebral palsy….. Priceless!

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Your support will help provide essential equipment, programs, physiotherapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy for children living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities in the Dubbo region:

$2300 could help provide a speech generating device for a computer, making communication easier.

$1495 could help provide wheelchair ramps to enable people with cerebral palsy to access their community

$414 could help provide switch toys to help build children’s motor skills

$267 could help purchase an iPad with specialised apps for people living with disabilities

$154 could help customise a wheelchair, providing independence.

$44 could help pay for modifications to a headrest for a person living with cerebral palsy, ensuring correct posture and comfort

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Dubbo Therapy Centre has approximately 85 clients per year; aged between 0-18 years old. There are approximately 300 people living with cerebral palsy in the Dubbo and surrounding region. Children and adults with disabilities face enormous disadvantage and many barriers to mobility, community participation and social inclusion. Your support will help to break down these barriers for these local people and their families ensuring they have access to the best possible therapy and intervention.

It is through the generosity of people like you that Cerebral Palsy Alliance can continue to provide vital disability services in the Dubbo region. The benefits of your support will continue to help local families for years many years to come.

Every 15 hours an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy. It is a permanent disability that affects movement and is the most common physical disability in childhood. The ongoing health concerns associated with this complex, permanent disability can place a great emotional and financial strain on individuals and their families. This is strain is particularly severe for young families and families on low incomes like many in the Dubbo area.

Every dollar raised through the Greater Dubbo Fun Run will be life-changing for local families living with cerebral palsy.

(By Cerebral Palsy Alliance)