Take a Leap of Faith: Cross Country

Anna Fitzgerald is a proud Ambassador for Athletics NSW and Running Mums Australia.  In this blog post, she shares her hesitation to participate in cross country events as an adult. A feeling of reluctance that we are sure, resonates with many in our running...

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Tips for load management

Phillip de Mestre Sports Podiatrist Running Science Running season is fast approaching for road runners.  I’ve just started my 14wk block for the Half Marathon in May along with other individuals, groups, highly experienced runners, beginners and everything in...

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Introduction to energy gels

Introduction to energy gels When would I need to use energy gels? If you are running or cycling for more than 75 minutes you will benefit from ingesting approximately 30-60 grams of carbohydrates every hour.  The use of a mix of Glucose (short and long chain) and...

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The ever changing world of footwear

Phil de Mestre - Running Science Do we cushion and protect our feet? Or promote more natural use of our biomechanics? I’ve been a Podiatrist for over 9 years now, a runner for probably 20 and I’ve noticed some trends. A decade ago (even less) it was all about support...

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I just ran my first 5km, so now what?

You’ve been training hard for the past few months and you gradually worked your way up to running your first 5 kilometre distance non-stop. Congratulations! This is a huge deal! You had a goal and systematically worked your way towards it until you achieved. Your...

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