Get the most out of your run on May 22!

Training program created by Scott Westcott to give you some tips to complete the 5k at the 2016 Northparkes Rotary Fun Run.

General Training Tips

  1. ALWAYS stretch after a session and recover properly eat some food including protein within 15 minutes after your
  2. LISTEN to your body. If you are sore or tired, modify the workout or have a rest
  3. ALTER the training days to suit your week swap the days in the program around but keep to the principle of ’hard/easy’ – do not do 2 hard days in a row!
  4. MIX up the terrain you run on; use grass, gravel roads, bush trails and bitumen. Try and avoid concrete.
Week 1  25 April 1 May
MondayWalk/jog20 minutes of walking with several 30 second jogs throughout
TuesdayRest dayStretch you major running muscles (hips, thighs, calves, back and feet)
WednesdayWalk jog20 minutes of walking with 5 x 1minute jogs throughout
ThursdayRest day 
FridayJogRun continuous for 3 minutes, walk for 5 minutes. Complete THREE times
SaturdayWalk/jogWalk/jog for 40min. Try and maintain good pace. Include hilly terrain. Run at a comfortable pace for at least 1min in every 5minutes.
SundayRest day 


Week 2: 2 8 May
MondayWalk/jog25 minutes of 3 minutes walking / 2 minutes jogging
TuesdayCross train10min of stretching major running muscles + a few gentle step ups
WednesdayLight jogWalk for 10 minutes to warm up. Run for 7min continuously. 5min walk.
ThursdayRest day 
FridayIntervalsRun continuous for 3 minutes, have 3 minutes rest. Complete 4 times.
SaturdayWalk/jogWalk for 45min including a 2min jog every 5 minutes.
SundayRest day 


Week 4: 9 16 May
MondayWalk/jog24 minutes of 2 minutes walking / 4 minutes jogging
TuesdayCross train10min of stretching + a few gentle step ups + few push ups
WednesdayLight jogWalk for 5 minutes to warm up. 10 minute run. 5min walk.
ThursdayRest day 
FridayIntervals10 min walk to warm up. Complete THREE sets of; 2 minute ’moderate’ run, 2 minute rest, 3 minute ’moderate’ run, 2 minute rest.
SaturdayWalk/jogWalk/jog for 50min including a 3min jog every 5 minutes. Include hilly terrain
SundayRest day 


Week 5: 16 22 May  (RACE WEEK!)
MondayWalk/jog25 minutes of 2 minutes walking / 1 minute jogging
TuesdayCross train10 min of stretching only
WednesdayLight jog5 minute warm up walk. 12 minute run rolling along at race intensity for the last 6 minutes. 5 min walk cool down.
ThursdayRest day 
FridayIntervals8 min VERY slow jog. 5 x relaxed 100m strides at ’moderate’ pace only. Walk back to the start. 5 min walk cool down. Stretch.
SaturdayRest day 
SundayRace dayArrive at least 30 minutes before the start. Allow for a gentle 5 minute jog to warm up along with some gentle stretches. Control your pace for the first half of the run. Keep your breathing in check as going out too hard is a common mistake. Enjoy yourself and remember to smile when you cross the finish line!