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Tips for evaluating your running year

How was your running Year? Never look back they say… Well, for you to improve your running, it’s time that you did. Now’s the perfect time to Reflect on 2016 and Plan your 2017 Goals. Take a look back at each competitive run or A and B...

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5 Tips For New Runners

You’ve dusted off the old trainers, got your baggy track pants out and donned your favourite cotton T-shirt. You just decided to take up running because, well everyone else seems to be doing it, so why not? Running is great for so many reasons. It provides daily exercise, improves your fitness, keeps your heart healthy and also assists in keeping your mental health in check. If you have just started out as a runner, you’re probably like me when I first began; no idea what to do or how to go about it! So here’s a helping hand on the bare essentials to make your journey into the running world a little easier.

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